'Disruption' most over-used industry buzzword

ZeeBiz WebTeam | Mar 19, 2019, 11:03 PM IST

Poking healthy humour at professionals, Microsoft-owned job seeking platform LinkedIn has released a list of words, categorised into four sets and declared the most over-used buzzword among corporate workers, according to IANS.


LinkedIn made a list of the most over-used industry buzzwords called "Marketing madness: Buzzword Beaters". Image source: Pixabay



LinkedIn pitted 32 most used industry buzzwords against each other. Image source: Pixabay


The list divided contending words in four regions--Jargon, Balderdash, Banality and Cliche. Image source: Pixabay


"Disruption", cloud-based, value-add, scalable, authentic and bandwidth emerged as the most over-used industry buzz words. Image source: Pixabay


The word "disruption" won the ultimate industry buzz term supremacy. Image source: Pixabay


Idea was to highlight same old over-used words and phrases that people need to control using frequently. Image source: Pixabay