This OLX Internet Behaviour survey will surely open the eyes of every parent

ZeeBiz WebTeam | Feb 07, 2019, 06:15 PM IST

On the occasion of Safer Internet Day, OLX has conducted an Internet Behaviour Survey with over 26,000 netizens and reveals the attitudes and behaviour towards safety – both online and in general. The survey reveals that a majority of netizens neglect cybersecurity best practices in their own personal lives, and do not monitor the content their kids view online. 57 percent respondents show negligence towards their own safety – both online and offline, while 60 percent admit to not monitoring the content their kids view online.


67 percent said they skipped the terms & conditions or any other safety/legal guidelines while signing up to a website or using a product.  Image source: Pixabay


54 percent said they had not changed the password to their social media accounts in the last 6 months, while 31 percent said they cannot even recall how long it had been since they had last changed their password.  Image source: Pixabay


56 percent have also freely shared their mobile number on their professional or social media profiles.   Image source: Pixabay


Similar neglect towards safety measures is observed with police verification of household staff. 75 percent confirmed that they had not conducted a police verification or did not know if one had been done. Image source: Pixabay


Only 25 percent confirmed having observed this process for household staff. Delhi respondents were the highest among those who said they observe this process for household staff, followed by Mumbai.  Image source: Pixabay


Contradictory to this overall neglect that netizens show to safety measures, there exists a high degree of awareness with financial safety.  Image source: Pixabay


68 percent said that they had never shared their OTP or password for their bank account, social media accounts, laptop or phone with anyone.  Image source: Pixabay