Airside and Cityside, this is how IGI Airport in Delhi has prepared itself to ensure free flow of all traffic

ZeeBiz WebTeam | Dec 21, 2018, 08:34 PM IST

The Indira Gandhi International Airport has taken a few steps to ensure smooth air traffic. For that it has included trained professionals into Follow Me Service for pilots along with other technology assistance during the foggy weather. It has also deployed a better system of deployment of Traffic Marshals and Tow cranes for smooth flow of traffic. 



As a pilot has a limited view from the cockpit, Follow Me Service is provided to facilitate aircraft movement. Trained professionals are deputed for Follow Me Service. These vehicles are equipped with GPS based navigation system. Image source: Reuters


Taxiway guidance lights suitable for low visibility operation. Image source: Reuters



Delhi - Cityside

Tow crane readily deployed for ensuring smooth traffic flow on roads. Image source: Youtube


Additional Traffic Marshals deployed for smooth flow of traffic. Image source: Reuters 


The complete airport network is distinctly and clearly painted with Retro-reflective paints. Image source: Facebook


No vehicles are allowed to park on the roads through 24x7 patrolling by the bikers. Image source: ZeeNews


Adequate lighting provided in the car parking. Image source: Pixabay 

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