The Sunday Times Rich List: Akshay Ruparelia youngest in Britain's millionaire entrepreneurs list; check No. 1

May 13, 2018, 03:17 PM IST

Some spectacular excerpts from The Sunday Times Rich List have been released by the newspaper and among them is the fact that Akshay Ruparelia has made it to the top 7 list. This is all about Britain's millionaire entrepreneurs under the age of 30 list. From technology to determination and force of character, all of these features have caused these young people to turn over-achievers. How rich are these millionaire entrepreneurs? Check out their net worth:


7. Ben and Sean Saxby net worth — £16 million. They are aged 29 and 26. They head MJS Construction. Reinforced concrete is what they specialise in. (Image source: MJS  Construction)


7. Akshay Ruparelia net worth — £16 million (joint 7th place): He is aged just 19! He handles a company called Doorsteps and deals in property. Well, he is 19, but he started his company 18 months ago.


6. Nick D'Aloisio net worth — £20 million. He is just 22. His internet company called Summly was sold to Yahoo for $30 million. While that is massive, what is really an eye-ball grabber is that he was just 17 years old then. (Image source: Reuters)


5. Carl Hartley net worth — £23 million. He is 30. He heads a car sales company called Tom Hartley. It is his father's company. 


4. Siblings Amy Mason and Tom Makin net worth — £25 million. They are 29 and 28 respectively. They run a retail company called Footasylum.  (Image source: Footasylum website)


3. Joshua Stevens net worth — £30 million: He is aged 29. He runs a company called One Retail Group.  (Image source: Facebook)


2. Jack Cator net worth — £45 million: He is 29 and runs a software company called HideMyAss! (Image source: YouTube)


1. Alex Loven net worth — £55 million He is 30 and runs a retail company called Net World Sports. (Image source: Net World Sports website)