5 coolest airports in the world: Hamad, Munich to Hong Kong, check out spectacular offerings

Aug 14, 2018, 02:58 PM IST

There are some amazing airports across the world that may offer you an unparalleled experience during your journey. From flight simulators to giant ice skating rinks, these airports make the long wait for your flight worth it. Here are the 5 coolest airports in the world.



1. Hamad International Airport - Swimming pool: Opened in 2014, the Hamad International Airport in Qatar features a 25 metre-long temperature-controlled indoor lap pool. It is open to the public and for only $35 one can take advantage of the pool, gym and a luxurious jacuzzi, according to a Business Insider report. Image source: dohahamadairport.com 


2. Munich International Airport - Ice rink: There is no other airport in the world that supplies travellers with both a brewery and giant ice rink. During Christmas, the airport holds a winter market where travellers can skate around and then try various brews. Image source: munich-airport.com


3. Vancouver International Airport - Aquarium: One of the coolest airports in Canada, Vancouver International features a flowing creek leading to an impressive aquarium. There are also pieces of aboriginal art native to Canada scattered throughout the airport. Image source:Wikimedia.org


4. Kuala Lumpur International Airport - Jungle boardwalk: One of the world’s busiest airports since it opened in 1998, travellers are often amazed at the Jungle Boardwalk, which is complete with a waterfall and palm trees inside the Satellite Terminal gardens. It is encased in a circular glass. Image source: Youtube


5. Hong Kong International Airport - Flight simulators: There’s a lot to do at Hong Kong airport. From catching a movie at IMAX to virtual golf course, aromatherapy spa, and tons of shops inside. There’s also a small aviation museum complete with flight simulators called the Aviation Discovery Centre too! Image source: hongkongairport.com


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