Worse than WhatsApp text bomb? Check out iPhone 'black dot of death' bug

May 15, 2018, 07:07 PM IST

WhatsApp text bomb managed to successfully inconvenience a huge number of people whose smartphones it infected. Now, something worse is on the loose and it is targetting phones and causing them to crash indiscriminately. We are talking about the iPhone 'black dot of death' bug. And what does this so-called 'black dot of death' bug do? Well, it crashes the iMessage application and turns that fancy smartphone into so much trash! 


How do you get the iPhone 'black dot of death' bug? iPhone users get it through incoming messages and the smartphone becomes completely unresponsive, according to The Mirror.


And where did the WhatsApp link come from? Just like that bomb, this iPhone bug overwhelms the phone with data overload.


How to get back control of your iPhone? Restaring does not work says ChronicleLive. It adds that you should use 3D Touch and hold down the Messages icon even as you tap 'New Message'. After that cancel new message and hopefully you will land back on your conversation list. 


Hold on! You're not done yet. The offending message is still on phone. What you need to do next is press Edit and try to kill the bug completely by deleting the message. Yes, those with older iPhones don't have this feature! 


However, Chronicle Live says there is another way that is worth trying. You could deploy Siri and ask it to start a new conversation. You may get back your iMessages again through this method too.