Who is Aditi Kamal, woman behind Baba Ramdev led Patanjali Kimbho app touted as WhatsApp killer

Jun 01, 2018, 05:06 PM IST

Baba Ramdev led Patanjali Kimbho app has become talk of the town. Pitched as desi rival, a virtual WhatsApp killer, the messaging app was launched on Wednesday, but taken down from Google Play Store just a day after on Thursday. Patanjali says one-day presence was just a trial and it will be officially launched soon, The Print reported. So, who really was behind the Patanjali Kimbho app that seeks to muscle out WhatsApp from India? Meet,  Aditi Kamal, the woman who is playing a key role in the rise of Kimbho app:


Aditi Kamal is an Indian software engineer based in the US. She is a former Google techie.


The 32-year-old Aditi Kamal headed Google Hangouts as a team leader.


She has worked at Yahoo Mail and Oracle too.



Kimbho app will be launched on June 21 on International Day of Yoga.