Shilpa Shetty advises all to use hand sanitiser

IANS | May 13, 2020, 02:57 PM IST

At a time when the world is battling the deadly COVID 19 pandemic, use of hand sanitiser as a precautionary measure is a must, feels Shilpa Shetty. The actress` latest Instagram video delivers this message.


Shilpa took to Instagram to demonstrate how we should clean our hands with sanitser after touching food items and other things purchased from outside, including vegetables. (Photo: theshilpashetty instagram account)


While Shilpa offered a piece of advice to netizens, they in turn had a few suggestions for the actress.

Shilpa showed a bucket full of vegetables in her video. Talking about the same, netizens advised her on how to keep the vegetables clean at the same time. (Photo: theshilpashetty instagram account)


"You can also sanitise the vegetables with baking soda and water or vinegar before putting them in the refrigerator," advised a user. (Photo: theshilpashetty instagram account)


"It is equally important to wash and clean those vegetables," commented another user.

Another user pointed out that the vegetables shown in Shilpa`s video are wrapped in polythene packets which are banned in Mumbai. (Photo: theshilpashetty instagram account)


"Ma`am using plastic polybag is banned so please be careful..." the user pointed out. (Photo: Reuters)