Coronavirus food impact: Redefining they way you order your favourite dishes

IANS | Jun 01, 2020, 06:25 PM IST

Tablet menus or digital menus have been around for over 10 years, but they never became popular, why? Unfortunately until two years ago, every digital app/product was not design oriented and all it did was just show plain pictures of the food. Today, it`s not only about showcasing pictures, but also a beautifully designed and printed menu can do a much better job than any app.

`My Menu` -- an International digital menu company currently live in over 1,600 restaurants across countries in over 142 languages - is all-in-one platform on which a restaurant can take care of all its digital menu needs - tablet menu, QR menu, QR ordering and online ordering. It recently announced a complimentary QR ordering solution to restaurants worldwide.


As restaurants are preparing to open across the country from June 8, `My Menu` helps tackle dining the post COVID-19 era to prepare the industry for the socio-economic changes that make `contactless` service the new normal. (Photo: Reuters)


The QR Ordering system allows guests a complete contactless, self-ordering system, table service to communicate with the wait staff. Its online ordering and restaurant delivery module can interface with any restaurant POS thus making it the perfect add on module for restaurants to start accepting orders directly and avoid paying hefty commissions to third party aggregators/delivery portals. (Photo: Reuters)


"Our objective remains the same from the time we started conceptualizing the product -- to increase the average check value and guest satisfaction. As a by-product, we also see increase in efficiency and reduction of operational costs. We have multiple case studies which show that restaurants see an immediate increase in the average check value of 25 - 30 per cent," says My Menu CEO Abhishek Bose.(Photo: Reuters)


He adds: "We have also announced a complimentary QR ordering solution to restaurants worldwide for tackling the post COVID-19 era to prepare the industry for upcoming socio-economic changes post the pandemic. In order to contain the single most reusable and essential item `food menu`, digitalized menu supported by QR code is a strategic solution that will prove to be successful for active prevention."  (Photo: Reuters)


My Menu has been made a corporate standard by Accor hotels and Bose hopes other hotel chains will follow soon. It is already being used across popular restaurant chains such as Nandos, Wagamama, Carluccio`s, he informs. "Being a self-managed product we have seen a lot more uptake from countries where hoteliers/restauranteurs are considerably more IT savvy," he concludes. (Photo: Pixabay)