Drones: A new revolution in emerging technologies - Jayant Sinha explains

Sep 21, 2018, 08:03 PM IST

Union minister of state for Civil Aviation recently stated that Drones have brought a new revolution in emerging technologies, offering a chance to develop the new set of global standards. He also reiterated the government's effort in shaping the evolution of aviation industry in the country through policy roadmap and regulations. He expressed his thoughts through the ministry's twitter handle. "They offer a chance to develop the new set of global standards. We are in a process of shaping the evolution of our aviation industry through policy roadmap & progressive regulations," he said. 


Research reports estimate that the drone-driven market globally will soon be more than $10 billion. In India, various experts estimate that market opportunities could soon exceed hundreds of billions of rupees. Image source: Twitter


Introduction of Digital Sky Platform enables drone flights in all-digital process. This is a first-of-its-kind national UTM platform that implements “no permission, no takeoff” & users can do registration & take permission for drones on a mobile app. Image source: Twitter


The vital aspect of regulatory rule-making process is to allow safezones for experimentation in cases of fast-evolving new technologies. These regulations have been developed methodically so that we can establish a world leading drone ecosystem in India. Image source: Twitter


E-commerce has already tasted success in India. Delivery & pick up of goods by drones will boost logistic capabilities & the viability of many-to-many commerce. Facilitating drone delivery will need developing an entirely new logistics support system. Image source: Twitter


Drafting of the drone regulations via CAR has taken long time due to rapidly evolving drone, many countries are in trial mode with drone regulations, no ICAO ethics have been settled & India's security environment requires extra precautions. Image source: Twitter