Aadhaar card Constitutionally valid, but SC bans private entities, schools from asking for ID

Sep 26, 2018, 02:51 PM IST

Centre's flagship Aadhaar card scheme is Constitutionally valid, the Supreme Court said on Wednesday. A 5-judge Constitution bench headed by Chief Justice Dipak Misra banned a number of things that Aadhaar card had become necessary for.  SC says nothing in Aadhaar Act violates right to privacy of individual. SC said benefits under the Aadhaar scheme should be in the form of welfare schemes and it cannot be made compulsory for services such as bank accounts, mobile connections or school admissions. Aadhaar card number, which is linked to a person's face, iris and finger prints, is used to help plug theft and leakages in the country's massive welfare programme.


It is better to be unique than being best; Aadhaar means Unique. Attack on Aadhaar by petitioners is based on violation of rights, will lead to a surveillance State: SC.


SC strikes down Section 57 of Aadhaar Act permitting private entities to avail Aadhaar data.


SC says not mandatory to link Aadhaar to bank accounts.


Telecom service providers can't seek linking of Aadhaar. 


CBSE, NEET, UGC cannot make Aadhaar mandatory, also not compulsory for school admissions. 


Aadhaar mandatory for filing of IT returns and allotment of Permanent Account Number.


There is no possibility of obtaining a duplicate Aadhaar card.


SC says no child can be denied benefits of any schemes on not being able to bring their Aadhaar number. 


There is sufficient defence mechanism for authentication in Aadhaar scheme. Robust data protection regime has to be brought in place as early as possible.  


SC Constitution Bench strikes down the National security exception under the Aadhaar Act.


SC upholds passing of Aadhaar Bill as Money Bill by Lok Sabha. 


The concept of human dignity has been enlarged in the judgement


SC directs government not to give Aadhaar to illegal immigrants.


SC says there has been minimal demographic and biometric data collected by UIDAI for Aadhaar enrolment. 


Unique identification proof also empowers and gives identity to marginalised sections of society.


SC says Aadhaar authentication data cannot be stored for more than six months.

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