Kawasaki Vulcan S priced at Rs 5.44 lakh in India; an alternative to the Harley-Davidson Street 750

May 11, 2018, 04:15 PM IST

The Kawasaki Vulcan S certainly doesn’t take the traditional cruiser approach. There’s no chrome to be seen and everything is either in a shade of matte or gloss black. Although its matte finish looks good, it’s going to be a pain to maintain.


The Kawasaki Vulcan S  has an unusually shaped, upside-down triangle headlamp that adds some individuality up front and the large tank gives the bike a decent sense of presence.

(pic: official website) 


The Kawasaki Vulcan S  rear section, however, is quite unremarkable, both in terms of sheer size and visual drama. The angle that catches the eye most is the side profile, with a long and low stance accentuated by a (right) side-mounted monoshock and a single-barrel exhaust running flat along the base of the bike. 

(pic: official website)


Machine-polished detailing on the top of the engine cases and a similar finish on the valve covers adds a playful bit of shimmer that is clearly visible through the tubular frame.

(website: official website)


What stands out, as it tends to on most Kawasaki bikes, is a sense of high quality and solid build. The instrument cluster features a big analogue tachometer sitting atop a digital screen that displays all the essentials. One appreciable and thoroughly useful feature is Kawasaki’s Ergo-fit system that allows you to adjust the riding position according to your need.

(website: official website)


The Kawasaki Vulcan S  has a 649cc, eight-valve, liquid-cooled parallel-twin engine that packs a punch, but power delivery is thoroughly linear, with quite an eager bottom end from as low as 2,000rpm. Cleverly selected gearing allows for good tractability you can crawl over speed breakers in second gear, and fourth is good for anything above 45kph.

(pic: official website)


The Kawasaki Vulcan S  is a highly competent motorcycle and, at Rs 5.44 lakh (ex-showroom), it costs Rs 19,000 more than the Harley Davidson Street 750. This is reasonable considering the higher levels of quality and finish, not to mention the significantly better tyres than the MRF rubber on the Harley. 

(pic: official website)