Infratech startup Mytek Innovations Pvt Ltd has launched a digital platform that uses open artificial intelligence (AI) tools to help contractors deliver infrastructure projects on time. The company has stated that the AI-enabled platform can analyze the input cost required to complete a project and auto-generate a detailed, milestone-wise plan to complete the project on time and reduce completion cost by 10 to 12 per cent. 


Mytek informed that contractors and subcontractors can use this platform to plan rapidly and begin work without delays. Additionally, contractors can also apply for funding on Mytek’s contactor app to execute the project.

Shivkumar Borade, founder and chief managing director of Mytek Innovations, said, “Today, delays and budget overruns are commonplace in infrastructure projects. Mytek’s platform will be a powerful tool for contractors and subcontractors all around the country that helps contractors save costs and deliver projects on time. We are using the latest technologies to not only revolutionize project planning but also democratize it.” 

The company stated that through the platform contractors can easily compare the sales cost and the actual cost incurred for each activity as well as for the overall project during execution. This will help track expenses in real-time and improve resource utilization, it added.

The startup stated that by leveraging AI tools, Mytek’s platform offers better features than traditional project planning tools that can take up to seven days to build a project plan from scratch.