This model just sells her legs pictures, makes huge amounts of money! Desire Ghetto Instagram photos earn over Rs 8 lakh

These days people are always on the lookout for work that can give them extra income and at the same time do not compromise their present job. This trend has found more relevance post lockdown as people want extra savings to tide over these difficult times. 

ZeeBiz WebTeam | Nov 18, 2020, 02:05 PM IST

From investing in stock market to working part time as yoga and fitness instructor, people are doing everything that can boost their monthly income. The same principle has been used by American model Desiree Gato  - legs pictures is what she sells though. Yes, people have flocked to see her legs!





Desiree Gato Pictures

Desiree Gato Pictures

Yes, this 22-year-old young American girl named Desiree Gato sells picture of her legs to make money as a side business. She considers this her side income. If media reports are to be believed, this beautiful girl earns lakhs in a month for putting the pictures of her legs on sale.  (Source: Zeenews website)


Desiree Gato Business

Desiree Gato  Business

Earlier, Desire Ghetto used to do property business and was living an ordinary lifestyle. Later, she tried modelling as her side business.(Source: Zeenews website)


Desiree Gato Legs And Not Face Is What Sells

Desiree Gato Legs And Not Face Is What Sells

However, she was astonished to know that not her face, but people were crazy about her legs. This is not it. People are even ready to pay in thousands and lakhs for pictures of her legs.  (Source: Zeenews website)


Desiree Gato Instagram Photos

Desiree Gato  Instagram Photos

Desiree Gato  is very famous Instagram. She is followed by 1 million people on the photo and video sharing social networking app.  She is very active on her ‘Onlyfans’ account and earns around Rs 8 lakh every month just by sharing pictures of her legs through this account.  (Source: Zeenews website)


$300 For 10 photos

$300 For 10 photos

Desiree Gato  says that someone even approached her through text message and offered her $300 for sending him 10 pictures of her legs. She said she was initially surprised to learn that people are ready to pay massive amounts just for pictures of her legs. However, I realized later that there is unique attraction among people even for legs, she added.(Source: Zeenews website)


$25 For 1 Picture

$25 For 1 Picture

As per media reports, Gato sells one picture of her legs for around $25. Apart from pictures of her legs, she also puts videos too. Desiree Gato often posts videos massaging her legs or flaunts them during pedicures.(Source: Zeenews website)