Things that would save you during your long flights

Aug 07, 2018, 03:54 PM IST

With narrow seats and lack of leg room, long economy flights are very tough. Here is a list of items that flyers should carry to make their travel a little more comfortable.



The less expensive and most portable option is to carry earplugs, which will help you to cut down on noise, that makes hard to sleep on planes.



Noise-cancelling headphones
Do not forget to carryover-ear noise-cancelling headphones while you are travelling. Noise-cancelling headphones come in three types: on-ear, earbuds (in-ear), and over-ear. Earbuds are compact and usually the less expensive option. On-ear are in the middle, they sit right on your ear. Over-ear is generally very comfortable, but this type is bulky and more costly than the other two. 



Generally, plane food are not good. It's always better to carry some dry and mess free food like fruits, nuts, biscuits along with you.



A reusable water bottle
Travellers tend to get dehydrated on a flight. It's always advisable to get a water bottle for yourself after you go through security.



Hand cream
Always carry a small tube od hand cream along with you, as your skin gets dehydrated in flights.



A hooded sweatshirt
Last but not the least, carry a hooded sweatshirt which will protect you from the chilled cabin temperature.