Aug 2, 2023, 04:47 PM IST

10 most beautiful Indian libraries

Divya Aggarwal

Saravathi Mahal Library

Located in Tamil Nadu, the library is known as one of Asia's oldest libraries and houses a remarkable collection of manuscripts written on palm leaves in numerous languages. It also houses an ancient parchment paper collection inscribed in Indian languages such as Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, and others. 

Connemara Public Library

Located in Chennai, the library is known as the UN depository library and houses collections of centuries-old publications. This library, which was founded in the 1890s, is still in excellent condition. 

Seshadri Memorial Library

Located in Bengaluru, it is famous for both its beautiful architecture and its massive book collection. The library, which has over 300,000 books and a dedicated Braille section, is ideal for any book enthusiast.

State Central Library Of Hyderabad

The library's architecture is similar to that of a palace, housed in a space of 72,247 square yards. The library's massive halls and towering ceilings are highly impressive and enticing to tourists.

Trivandrum Public Library

The Trivandrum Public Library, also known as the State Central Library, was India's first public library. This library was founded in 1829 and has numerous collections of literature, particularly in Malayalam.

David Sassoon Library

Located in the center of Mumbai, the library is itself a remarkable heritage building, the backyard is kept as a big, green garden that will make you forget about the busy city life while you read your favorite book. This library has a distinct English architecture, constructed of yellow Malad stone.

Asiatic Society Of Mumbai Library

This library has around 200,000 books, including 20,000 rare books in several languages. The huge, towering Town Hall's majestic steps are enough to sweep Mumbai's bookworms off their feet.

Allahabad Public Library

This library was founded in 1864 in Prayagraj, and is considered to be the largest in the state of Uttar Pradesh. With its Scottish Baronial Architecture, the library is sure to capture people's attention. 

The National Library Of India

Located in Kolkata, this library is known as one of the best in India. It is not only good in terms of its holdings, but also in terms of maintenance, architecture, cleanliness, and historical significance.

Nehru Memorial Museum And Library

Located in Delhi, the library was erected in the 1930s and is known to have one of the best collections of books and resources in India. This site is noted for its grandeur and solitude. It was originally established as the commander-in-chief's house for the British Indian army.

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