WhatsApp QR Code, Add Contact and more, check here new features

Nov 24, 2018, 10:55 PM IST

Popular messaging app WhatsApp has been trying hard to make users' experience better. The app is constantly upgrading its features to keep pace with technological change, but more importantly with user trends and preferences. After it rolled out its new stickers  for both Android and iOS users, WhatsApp is reportedly working on some other features -- WhatsApp QR code and Add Contact features, among other features. 


1. The messaging app is reportedly working on WhatsApp QR code and Add Contact features, among other features.


2. Add Contact feature is expected to make saving a contact easier and quick for users without leaving the app. With the help of this feature, WhatsApp will automatically detect the country code and will detect whether the new contact is on WhatsApp or not.


3. WhatsApp is testing a feature which will allow users to play videos sent to the user directly from the notifications panel for iOS beta, according to an Indian Express online report.


4. WhatsApp QR Code option will come very handy for the app users, as it will let users share contact via scanning QR Code. To use this feature, the sender and the receiver have to run the latest version of the WhatsApp.


5. WhatsApp recently rolled out new stickers for both Android and iOS users. Now, app users can also download third-party sticker packs from Google Play store or make their own sticker packs outside 12 default WhatsApp sticker packs.


6. Another feature that WhatsApp introduced recently is Private Reply feature for Android beta users with version 2.18.355. The feature allows the users to privately send messages to a member in a particular WhatsApp group. A user may download the latest version of the Android beta app to get this feature.