WhatsApp new features for users: From Add Contacts plus, QR code to add and share contact details, see what may come soon

ZeeBiz WebTeam | Nov 21, 2018, 02:08 PM IST

WhatsApp is a cross-platform messaging application owned by Facebook. WhatsApp facilitates its users to send text messages, images, and videos along with voice calls and video calls. It is hugely popular among not just today's youths, but spans generation and it has become a vital part of our daily connectivity with collegues, bosses, friends and family. WhatsApp brings some new updates for the app to make it more secure, modern and suitable for use:


According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is about to bring new features in the application for IOS and Android. The features would enhance users experience to add contacts quickly in the application. The option will be available in the same UI (user interface) as earlier known as Add contact - in fact this will be a kind of Add contact plus. (Image source: Reuters)


How to use WhatsApp Add Contact new feature: After selecting Add contact, users needs to pick the country where the user of contact is located (Owner of the phone number which you want to add) then WhatsApp will automatically detect and insert the country code before the number. The step further tells you if the person you're adding is on WhatsApp or not. (Image source: Reuters)


WABetaInfo further revealed that the messaging application WhatsApp is working on to development of  QR code to add and share contact details in the future. The new feature will allow users to scan a QR code in order to add a contact when the QR code will be scanned, WhatsApp will automatically detect all required information and number will be added in your contact list. (Image source: Reuters)


WhatsApp users will also be able to generate and revoke a QR code for contacts. This will allow them to share QR code rather than sharing phone numbers. When QR code is generated, WhatsApp also gives the possibility to revoke it, which means you can destroy your QR code that will be marked as expired. (Image source: Reuters)


WhatsApp QR Code feature will be very much beneficial for businesses, as QR Code can be published on shops or be published on Internet. (Image source: Reuters)