How to watch WhatsApp videos directly from chat on desktop

ZeeBiz WebTeam | Jan 29, 2019, 04:32 PM IST

WhatsApp videos: After introducing the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) feature for Android users in India, WhatsApp has finally rolled out the feature for WhatsApp Web as well. This feature will make multitasking easier with your desktop/laptop. The WhatsApp PiP feature allows the users to message other users while watching YouTube videos and using other apps in the phone. Until now, a user could not message on WhatsApp and watch YouTube at the same time, but now PiP will help the users to operate multiple features on the single screen simultaneously.


WhatsApp videos:

WhatsApp videos:

How to get PiP feature for your desktop:


WhatsApp videos:

WhatsApp videos:

a. Update your WhatsApp web to version 0.3.1846.


WhatsApp videos:

WhatsApp videos:

b. Once the update is done, the users need to navigate to any chat where he/she have received any link of video.


c. The user will find a video card with a blurred thumbnail image along with the platform logo. They have to tap on that.


d. Once tapped, the video would be played on the top half of the WhatsApp chat window.


e. An option of watching the video in full-screen would also be available.


Notably, once the user exits the WhatsApp Web, the video will stop playing.