How to update WhatsApp in 5 brief points

May 17, 2018, 04:21 PM IST

WhatsApp messenger app has become a crucial necessity in both personal and professional lives of most people acroos the world. It is debatable whether the youngsters need the app more than the elders, but what is for sure is the fact that for those who use it, it is an invaluable tool. So, when it runs into some trouble, users rush for solutions. The most important solution is an update. So here we show you how to update Whatsapp:


Go to Google Play STore of Apple Store or even Microsoft Store. You can easily get the latest update from there. Tap Updates to download and you are are up and running. (Image source: PTI)


Usually you need to do this in case you received a notification from the app telling you that your version will stop functioning soon. (Image source: Reuters)


Whatsapp gives you a certain period of time to get the update. If you don't update, your Whatsapp version will stop functioning. This can also happen if you use an older smartphone that can no longer support the newer version/updetes of the app. (Image source: Reuters)


WhatsApp in India is free. (Image source: Reuters) 


Always download the latest WhatsApp version so that you cann access the newest features as well as bug fixes. (Image source: Reuters)