How to earn money from WhatsApp: 6 gainful steps to empowerment and riches

May 16, 2018, 02:28 PM IST

Social media tool WhatsApp has caught on as a platform not just as a communications tool, but also as a means of earning money. Yes, WhatsApp also provides users a chance to earn money and the trick is to know how. The app itself doesn’t allow ads or commercial transactions, but there are plenty of ways to take the benefit of its unique format to earn money. With your account, you can always promote your small business and perform referral marketing for other established companies. Here is how to earn money from WhatsApp. Photo: Reuters


1. You can offer your services directly by using WhatsApp services, telling people about your special product, skills or opportunities. You need to address the needs of your contacts individually or send out a broadcast message to reach out to them. Remember, you must fulfil a need of theirs and that is where you become relevant. Photo: Reuters


2. You can use WhatsApp's sharing features to send out promotional graphics, videos and other assorted media to promote your product and also start a mailing list, for which you can form a specific set of your contacts. Photo: Reuters



3. You can also promote your website to bolster your claims to prospective clients. Rather than saying that you run a particular business or offer personal training, through your website your contacts can see what you have to offer to them. Photo: Reuters


4. You can also create a custom signature for your WhatsApp messages that includes a link to your website or social media profiles. This will help you reach a specific set of your contacts. Photo: Reuters


5. Through your website link, you can get the word out about your professional enterprises, thereby, helping you generate attention and interest. Photo: Reuters


6. You can also host an e-conference or seminar to convey your ideas on a larger stage using WhatsApp's group video call feature. Photo: Reuters