Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday had announced that January 16 will be celebrated as National Startup Day to help percolate startup culture to the grassroot level. PM Modi said India has over 60,000 startups with 42 unicorns.


The PM called for innovating for India and from India to tackle challenges facing the country as he counted steps taken by the government in freeing entrepreneurs and innovation from bureaucratic silos.

Here is how entrepreneurs are applauding PM Narendra Modi's decision of Jan 16 as National Startup Day:-

Gaurav Mangla, CEO & Co-founder of Pickrr

"A day dedicated to startups of India is a great move, and Pickrr appreciates the initiative announced by PM Modi in promoting Startup ecosystem in India. It will give wings to the growing startups and motivate all the innovative youth of our country to start something of their own. National Start-up Day will provide a platform for entrepreneurs to discuss the importance of entrepreneurship and innovation to India's youth and economy. According to the reports, Indian startups raised $42 billion in 2021, up from $11.5 billion in the previous year. This shows the commitment of this sector. Fintech, D2C brands, and SaaS (software as a service) are emerging businesses. Pickrr, a startup at heart, is one of the most innovative SAAS providers. We have been disrupting the market and are on a mission to empower D2C brands to flourish. India has the third-largest startup ecosystem globally, with about 60,000 startups contributing heavily to the Indian economy."

 Aakrit Vaish, Co Founder and CEO, Haptik

"Inspiring the India’s budding startup sector, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today (15 January) declared that 16 January will be celebrated as National Startup Day. Responding to this news, Aakrit Vaish co-founder and CEO of Haptik, who is also a big supporter of the startup ecosystem said, ”The tech adoption is booming in every corner of the country and every type of business is becoming a digital-first business. Until five years ago, technology and digital were thought of as a cool thing to do, but now it has become a demand where everything is tech and digital. The most essential thing is that the PM's acknowledgement to the entrepreneurs' problems and recommendations to them is the greatest source of inspiration for creative people. Thus, it's a great time to be in the industry. A single idea can change the course of your journey but there are many challenges that one has to face while building a startup like financial management, team building, fierce competition, guidance, consulting and education about what you want. But with the right information and support this can be tackled easily. Taking note of government’s involvement with startups and supporting them through measures such as Startup India, removing problems of 'angel tax,' simplification of tax procedures, arranging for government funding, allowing self-certification of nine labour and three environmental laws, and removing more than 25 thousand compliances, Mr. Vaish believes that India is ready to be another silicon Valley."

Shriya Naheta Wadhwa, Founder of Zama Organics

"Celebrating India's start-up sector is symbolic as it not only validates the efforts that are put in by our Indian entrepreneurs but also encourages and uplifts the entire community, hopefully inspiring many more to follow this path. Showcasing and celebrating the vast talent that India has to offer is of paramount importance, and this is a step in the right direction. Start-ups provide unique solutions to challenging problems across all sectors, usually taking a digital-first approach, boosting the economy, creating employment, and marking their presence. Technology has been used in creative ways to enable businesses, improve processes, and streamline operations. Looking back to when I started, Zama was a journey I embarked upon out of sheer passion to bring organic and clean produce to our community directly from our farmers. I hope this motivates many more entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and ideas. Our government’s decision and clear message to prioritize innovation and entrepreneurship is exciting and I am humbled to be part of this ecosystem."

Jitendra Gupta - Founder & CEO - Jupiter

“The declaration of National Startup day is symbolic. This announcement has not only validated the efforts put in by entrepreneurs and budding startups from across sectors  but it also encourages them to come up with new and exciting innovations in the near future. It will also lead to developments in the digital landscape,  thereby actively fueling the growth of the Indian startup ecosystem.” 

Sushant Gupta – Founder & CEO, SG Analytics

"Data Management and Analytics is becoming the foundation of all industries. This sector is thriving with lots of startups since they are solving business problems and implementing data-driven solutions. Following the recognition, we can expect all forms of encouragement in the upcoming budget which would prove a game changer for all."

Sarvagya Mishra, Co-Founder & Director, Superbot (PinnacleWorks)

"The Startup Industry in India must have gained a lot of confidence today as PM Modi has recognised their efforts. It takes a lot for an entrepreneur to keep up with the latest technologies, identify the unsolved and come up with the innovative solution. It is another battle to make it a win-win for consumers, investors, the startup and the country at large. AI , machine learning, and data analytics are the rising sectors in India, but require strong financial support to unleash what they contain. This recognition is not just an encouragement note for entrepreneurs, but a green signal for all HNIs, VCs, PE to step forward and join the bandwagon to make it a technologically hit year for all." 

Rahul Raj, Founder & CEO, FloBiz

“We are incredibly delighted to be a part of the Indian Startup community and wholeheartedly welcome the government's move of celebrating January 16 as the National Startup Day. We are extremely confident that the contribution from startups towards building an Atmanirbhar Bharat will get its due recognition with this initiative. With the immense future opportunities available and the number of innovators coming forward to embrace those, the times to come will be very interesting. We look forward to the measures announced for further strengthening the innovation, entrepreneurship, and startup ecosystem.” 

Sandipan Mitra, CEO and Co-Founder, HungerBox

"The start-up economy is an important source of jobs, economic prosperity as well as investor wealth. The National Start-up Day that’s been announced by our Prime Minister furthers the ‘Start-up India’ initiative that was launched by the Government in 2015. This announcement illustrates the importance of start-ups within the framework of India's narrative and showcases the importance that the government accords to entrepreneurial development." 

Sriram Subramanian, Co-founder, Clever Harvey

"Entrepreneurship is a way of thinking - the best schools around the world ensure teenagers develop this mindset from high school itself. With hundreds of our own graduates who have actually launched their own startups while still in school, we applaud the government's move to recognize Jan 16th as National Startup Day. This initiative helps people understand the key role startups play in the innovation economy."

Varun Vashisthaa, Founder, HairVeda

"National Startup Day is the right step towards the Startup India initiative that was launched by the Government in 2015. With this announcement, the Indian startup ecosystem has been given a global identity and this has opened up a new way for funding. Global investors will be attracted to Indian startups.With the immense future opportunities available in the sector and the number of innovators coming forward to embrace those, the times to come will be very interesting. We look forward to getting more measures from the Government such as more subsidies, tax benefits, easy bank loans for further strengthening the innovation, entrepreneurship, and startup ecosystem, all these steps will be crucial to build sustainable businesses in India.

Bharat Sethi, Founder, Rage Coffee

"By announcing National Startup Day, our Prime Minister has proved that it not only validates the efforts that are put in by budding entrepreneurs but also encourages and uplifts the entire startup sector. It will automatically fuel the economy and bring more innovations into the picture. "

Mithun Majumdar, Co-Founder, 750AD Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

"PM Modi’s initiative to celebrate National Startup day will not only motivate the entrepreneurs but will also help in spreading awareness around the scope of startup growth in the country. Even today people are often sceptical around starting a new venture as a startup as they feel they lack the support. However, with this initiative it will bring the entire startup community under one umbrella every year. This day can also be used as a day to discuss on the issues, concerns and achievements of the startup community."

Mayank Tiwari, CEO & Co-founder, Reshamandi 

"Showcasing the immense talent, and abilities that India has to offer is of paramount importance today. Celebrating January 16th as National Start-Up Day is a step in the right direction. Through the Start-Up development programs that the Government has initiated, we believe that the startups will get much-needed exposure, aid, direction and will be able to solve long-standing problems of the population. India is poised to become a superpower soon and the key is in the hands of the youth. Empowering them and energizing the tier 2 and 3 cities of India is vital to sustainable growth and positive impact. SME’s and local talent need to be prioritized. Skill development, accessibility to the many schemes the government has formulated, credit facilities, and ease of doing business are essential for the masses to take up entrepreneurship. Marginalized sectors such as agriculture, sericulture, apparel, textiles, and associated industries which we work with, need exposure to all the facilities that the government has drafted. Ensuring that they are given priority for access to resources will help in economic growth, healthier unit economics, and stronger participation from the youth."

Shashank Pandey, Co-founder, ConveGenius

"The recognition of January 16th by Government of India as National Startup Day is a great boost to the countless entrepreneurs and their startup journey in the country. I hope that this validation for startups motivates young kids walk the path of entrepreneurship and raise the flag of Bharat to new heights."

Vinay Krishna Gupta, Co-Founder and CEO - Antino Labs.

"Indian Startup Ecosystem is evolving with exponential growth  under leadership of PM Modi. Schemes like Startup India, Digital India, Mudra Bank, Samridh, Skill India were catalyst for overall fast growth of ecosystem. I believe that India will leave China behind in terms of number of Unicorns and Startups will contribute significantly in achieving 5 trillion GDP target much before 2024-2025. India is having talent and market but recent changes in government policies and improvements in ease of doing business are really helping the business ecosystem. Indian Startup ecosystem have huge potential of solving unemployment problem and foster economic growth in double digit. I feel part proud in being part of startup ecosystem and truely believe that it’s backbone of New India."

Varun Saxena- CEO and Founder, Bolo Live

"National Startup day is a validation of the role of startups in the growth of country’s GDP and strengthening India’s position at a global stage. This initiative will not only make startups mainstream but also encourage young talent from seeing entrepreneurship as a primary career option. Dedicating a day to celebrate startups and entrepreneurs is a welcome step. This acknowledgment by Prime Minister is a big morale booster for entrepreneurs, the new job creators of the country. We should also take a pause and appreciate the role of policymakers and regulators in boosting the startup ecosystem in India. We look forward to more conducive steps being introduced by the Government to bolster the confidence and passion of entrepreneurs further."

Sumesh Nair, CEO & Co-founder, Board Infinity

"It is an iconic day for the entire nation and for the entire world. This is the first time any government has declared a day dedicated for startups. I think India over the last 2 decades has established itself as an engine of high technology led growth. We are sure to see many technology based startups leading Indian stock markets also soon. All startups across India should take a moment to reflect and re energize this day, and march forward successfully in the years to come."

Harminder Singh Multani CEO, MyDentalPlan Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

In the current times there is a significant need for health tech innovation and advancements in the field of dental care. PM Modi’s novel endeavour to call out the ‘Start-ups’ and name them the backbone of India is a big step towards a new beginning for the country. We at MyDentalPlan are certain that this will be the dawn of a new era that will support dental wellness and lay a robust foundation in dental insurance in the country.

Sachin Chopra, Co-Founder and CEO - 91Cycles

"Startup ecosystem in India has been shaping up under the umbrella of Make in India and Atmanirbhar Bharat, more so during the pandemic. Emerging entrepreneurs in the digital space, ecommerce, innovative business ideas across sectors is definitely a boost for the creative minds young and experienced. PM Modi and his initiatives have always encouraged the startups and provided with the right support system to grow. He understands the requirements of a startup and with his continuous backing, the 2020s decade will belong to the entrepreneurs. We at Ninety One, are inspired with the Make in India, Make for world philiosphy and our endeavour is to create a world-class global brand of bikes that suit every lifestyle." 

Functional Nutritionist, Madhavi Karmokar Sharma, Founder Informed Health:

"The announcement of the National Start Up Day by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a promise to budding entrepreneurs to execute their passion and be holistically supported through inputs and guidance.  As the founder of Informed Health, I am proud of our indigenous nutritional wisdom and the ancient practice of food as medicine. With this support for entrepreneurs, we will be able to use this time-tested profound knowledge to improve public health through our services and creative food education tools not just nationally, but globally too. It will help us tap into our native resources and generate job opportunities for many others. On behalf of Informed Health, we thank PM Modi to boost the start up ecosystem and believe in our mission of Swasthya Bharat."

Niraj Singh, Founder & CEO, Spinny

"In an era of the latest technological-based solutions and innovations, the automotive sector has a long way to go.  The Indian startup business landscape is far more open and accessible, as compared to some of the biggest economies. As a consumer-focused brand, we use new age technologies to provide a seamless experience to our consumers. The announcement to celebrating 16th January as a National Startup Day is welcomed and well appreciated. We also believe that the Indian startup environment will continue to grow at a rapid pace with more and more new age businesses coming and shaping the economy."

Gautam Chopra, Founder & CEO, BeatO

“We are absolutely humbled and delighted that BeatO has won the #NationalStartupAwards2021 in the Health and Wellness sector. It’s a surreal moment for all of us at BeatO, realizing that 5 long years of our blood and sweat has yielded indeed a great result. We express our gratitude towards the Government of India, organisers and industry leaders who’ve acknowledged our efforts and vision. This is a wonderful recognition of BeatO’s purpose and commitment to control diabetes and reduce health complications. This is indeed a huge honour and a motivation, we shall continue to build innovative solutions to offer good quality and affordable care for the largest healthcare problem in India, Diabetes."

Rajiv.K Vij, Founder of Plug Mobility

"This is celebration of India's youth, Indian Startups and motivating them to innovate and build world class products, services and businesses."

Sasidhar Nandigam, CEO, CredR

"The year 2021 has been historic in terms of the number of startups that launched IPOs or achieved Unicorn status. It’s a matter of great happiness as the policymakers and the government are taking due notice of the importance and the contribution of startups in the heavy machinery of the fast growing Indian economy. The sector has for long borne the brunt of being treated with some amount of skepticism from old school economists. The startup sector employs lakhs of youths today. Recognising the startup sector with a dedicated observational day will definitely help build awareness about the sector and also draw great talent and investment into this sector. Most households with young blood still advise their wards to take up a ‘secure’ job instead of working for a startup. Hope that changes with this move."

Mayank Gulati Co-Founder and Marketing Director at ContentNinja and Shriya Garg, Co-Founder of ContentNinja

"I love the attention and validation this would bring to entrepreneurs and the general startup ecosystem. Hopeful it will allow more aspiring entrepreneurs to take more chances and normalise failure!"

​Raj Das, Global Co-Founder & India CEO, Hirect

"This is indeed a significant step taken by Hon’ble PM Shri Narendra Modi to celebrate Startups in India today. We at Hirect is welcoming this historic move for recognizing their hard work, dedication, passion and commitment. Startups in India today are solving the challenging problems faced by our society, creating huge employment and marking their presence globally. Indian Startup ecosystems have attracted attention around the world and we believe this step will not only encourage others for entrepreneurship but also boost the morale of the entire startup ecosystem in the country."


Pulkit Agrawal, Co-founder and CEO, Trell

"Getting such an inspiring news ahead of the budget gives all entrepreneurs a hope and a much needed boost. This initiative will enhance awareness of startup ecosystem and job creation furthermore accelerating support to the country's entrepreneurial community. The government's decisions and message on prioritizing innovation, entrepreneurship, and the startup environment have three important features - entrepreneurship must be free of bureaucratic silos, an institutional structure for innovation must be built, and  provide young innovators a platform to grow and flourish."

Harsh Pokharna, Cofounder & CEO at OkCredit

"National Startup day is a validation of the important role startups have played in furthering the innovation quotient of the country. From solving challenging problems faced by the society to being job creators, Indian startups have attracted attention from the world. Dedicating a day to celebrate this achievement is a welcome step. Not only will this encourage more individuals towards entrepreneurship, it's also a great morale booster for the startup ecosystem.  Apart from the idea and perseverance of founders, a lot of credit for the growth of India's startup ecosystem goes to the policymakers and regulators and we expect that the government will continue on the path of easing business environment for startups."

Sushant Kumar, CEO & MD, AMO Mobility Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

"The declaration of National Startup Day further emboldens the position of Indian tech talent in the global world. It is a monumental opportunity for budding founders and entrepreneurs to get deeper insights of the market. The move is also likely to encourage further investments in the country, which will generate more employment and innovations."

Anshuman Narain, Vice President, CashBean (P.C.Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.)

"It means the day of both celebrations and revaluations. A reaffirmation of the core principle behind every venture 'Take India Forward'. It is a day for all entrepreneurs to platform together over their share values."

Sanket Shendure, Co-Founder and CEO, Minko

"The declaration recognises those who have been toiling in the shadows. It will make it easier for future entrepreneurs to have the hard conversations with their families and get their support. It will lead to ease of doing business and inspire the youth towards alternate career opportunities."

Neha Khanna, Director, ValPro 

" The startup ecosystem has seen maturity over the last decade with support from build up of a talent pool, infusion of USD 42 bn in 2021 alone and certain measured in ease of doing business. The National Startup Day marks the recognition of new age ventures as a significant contributor to the economy in multiple ways: large infusion of FDI in an asset class outside of public markets, export of products and services by the country, larger base of retail investors borne out of employees with respectable salaries and wealth creation tools such as ESOPs and being a key consumption market in the global economy
- Wishlist includes:
1. Taxation of ESOPs in the hands of employees 
2. Speed of issue of regulation for new business models (as recently done for drones, P2P lending, Crypto currencies) via a consultative approach to avoid issues as raised by the recent auto debit restrictions issued by RBI
3. Separate resolution channel for compliance issues pertaining to startups for more timely and efficient solutions."

Functional Nutritionist Mugdha Pradhan, CEO and Founder of iThrive

"It’s a really great idea to bring focus on start-ups with the National Start-up day. Startups bring breakthroughs in innovation, increasing the pie even in traditional businesses like banking so that more people can get access to the benefits of technology. And sometimes there comes a startup like iThrive which creates a completely new category in an pre-existing sector and completely changes the paradigm for that sector."

Amitt Sharma, the Founder and CEO at VDO.AI 

“The Startup Day announcement has given hope to many new age businesses to ensure success and security of startups through various government schemes and solutions. Adtech startups are benefitting immensely from the government’s pool of solutions like building a strong ecosystem, transforming India, financial support, government tender, networking opportunities, income tax benefits, among others. The announcement is part of the government's effort to foster and grow India's startup ecosystem. While supporting millions who work in India’s startup boom, the government's intentions and actions are encouraging. India is recognized as the world's third largest startup ecosystem, with over 61,000 startups by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade. With the help of government, this era of innovation and disruption will prepare the unicorns and startups in India to be another silicon valley, generating large scale employment."

Greg Moran, CEO and Co-Founder of Zoomcar

"Our respectable Prime Minister’s declaration of January 16th as the National Startup Day, has not only put a stamp on the existing startup ecosystem in the country but also encourages startups to expand and do more. With this kind of support from the government, aspiring, potential and existing entrepreneurs will gain the confidence to bring about transformation for themselves, bigger companies, and the entire country."

Pranav Dangi, Founder and CEO, The Hosteller

"National Startup Day is a wonderful endeavour to empower and shine the light on the innovative ventures in this country. It will help start ups stay motivated on their path and push them to perfect services with the knowledge that the government acknowledges their hard work and creative visions. We hope to see more focus on small and middle tier start ups that will benefit greatly from the exposure and consideration. The start up market in India is not only booming but exactly at that precipice where this positive and supportive environment will propel growth in exponential numbers. This is a wonderful opportunity to really connect our decision makers with some of the most creative, innovative and ground breaking businesses of the nation. Big things seem to be on the way and that excites us to keep pushing harder as well."

Roshan Farhan, Founder & CEO, Gobillion

"We welcome the move of declaring January 16th as National Startup Day, it will provide much needed focus in promoting startups and entrepreneurship, especially in smaller towns in India"

Zafar Imam, CEO, FinShell

"We welcome the decision of our honorable PM to declare 16th Jan as the National Startup Day. In the last few years, Indian starts-ups have contributed in changing the image of our country. It has created thousands of new job opportunities, disrupted many industries and helped in penetrating untouched geographies by the use of innovative technology. Most of the startups use latest technologies such as AI, IoT, Analytics, and Robotics etc. Startups are not just creating a space of their own, but are also helping traditional players by providing them support to expand their businesses and bring innovation. Successful startup companies have become money making engines for their business owners, employees and shareholders. This recognition, by the government, will help the young generation to think beyond boundaries and continue to venture in new areas to contribute in the economic growth of our country. Investors across the globe have shown interest in Indian startups, considering huge opportunities in different segments."

Dhruv Sawhney, Business Head and COO,

"This is an incremental step in the acceptance of the startup culture in India. With the largest working population the country has ever seen and the outburst of the internet as a service, the Indian youth is today equipped to solve problems that previously did not have a voice or a face. The sheer size, scale and diversity of service delivery in India proves it to be a startup hub. With a billion-plus population to serve, there are a plethora of services and offerings that, when innovated, can change the standard of living or ease of living for millions of people. In the AgTech space, startups focus on sustainability and incentivising a shift to better practices, thus making it a win-win scenario for farmers, consumers and the environment as a whole. Celebrating such innovators and service providers will boost confidence and give more and more youngsters the necessary push to take risks with respect to their ideas and drive changes. "

Siddharth Kukatlapalli, Co-Founder and CBO, Syntizen

"We are really excited about the announcement of "National Startup Day" and strongly believe that Startups are the future. Startups provide smart solutions for problem statements in a cost effective manner. We are also very much along the lines of Hon'ble PM's words "Innovate for India, Innovate from India" and look forward in providing Syntizen's Digital Identity Solutions to more state governments followed by implementing our plans of going global."

Mangesh Panditrao, CEO & Co- Founder, Shoptimize

“There has been a lot of innovation by Indian startups in recent years resulting in world class products, job opportunities as well as wealth creation. The announcement made by the honorable PM is a big boost to the startup ecosystem. The continuing support from the Indian Government will create an atmosphere for startups to further innovate and grow. We will see more unicorns coming from the Indian startup ecosystem."

Anshuk K Aggarwal, Co- Founder, AdYogi

“National startup day is undoubtedly a great initiative by Shri Modi Ji. It will serve profoundly in making the new generation of youth aware that starting your own venture is a viable career alternative. As more and more job seekers turn into entrepreneurs, I am sure India will see a wave of homegrown companies solving unique challenges like never before. And over time, this must also bring down the prevailing unemployment rate in India”.

Vvihan Gulati, Director, MEDIAGRAPHIXPR

"PM modi declaring national start up day means a lot to all the upcoming start ups and on going start ups as the industry has grown very well from getting listed to unicorns are rising in numbers. National start up day promotes more entrepreneur and encourages people to start. Indian and homegrown start ups are now globally recognised and getting more importance."

Nitin Misra, Co-founder, indiagold

"Government in the past has launched several initiatives to boost startups in India. Announcement of National Startup Day is not just symbolic; it conveys the seriousness of the government to foster & grow the startup ecosystem in India. While we still have a long way to go, the intent & actions from the government are encouraging. To be a startup in India is to have an ocean of opportunities. The rapid internet penetration in India has opened up all kinds of traditional markets to startups innovation. The talent & energy in the Indian startup ecosystem is mind-boggling & so many world-class products are being built for the world from India. The most exciting part of this story is that we're just getting started."

Nayan Gala, Founder JPIN

"With 54 unicorns and 7 IPOs produced in 2021 alone, it is clearly evident that the start-up scenario in India is booming and has now become a very important part of the alternate investment strategy for every venture that is looking for great returns. Apart from just tapping into local markets, new-age entrepreneurs are also looking to expand internationally. The National Startup Day declaration by India's Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi is a clear signal that it is India’s time to go from #3 to #1 globally and that the government will be actively supporting ambitious founders in their journey towards growth and expansion. JPIN is dedicated to creating global giants from the Indian startup ecosystem and scaling them into emerging markets from its proprietary superhighways for hypergrowth. This will enable PM Modi's global vision of making India No. 1 globally."

Ujjwal Singh, CEO-Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya

"Through innovation and scalable technology, start-ups in India are generating impactful solutions, and acting as vehicles for socio-economic development and transformation. Start-ups are also emerging as important engines for generating employment (EdTech start-ups account for the highest number of job creation in India).

The digitization or use of technology in education has helped quality education penetrate to all parts of the country, especially the Tier-2 and 3 cities. With Technology tools EdTech companies have helped democratize the access to high quality education (plus quality teachers) and facilitate student engagement. Massive tech disruptions across the country have successfully executed the mammoth task that was earlier unimaginable.

As part of this cusp, Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya believes in leveraging technology in education boosting the ever-growing needs for Schools (online or offline) in the country. 

We on behalf of the industry thank PM Modi for Pegging Start-ups as Backbone of New India and declaring Jan 16 as National Start-up Day. India Start-ups are creating visualizers and budding leaders who have the idea and passion to bring change through innovation. It is a symbolic boost to the growing EdTech start-up ecosystem who can become collaborative partners, and work with the government to reduce learning loss and build this New India."

National Startup Day 2022: What PM Modi said about startups?

"Our startups are changing the rules of the game. I believe that startups are going to be the backbone of New India," he said interacting with youngsters from the world of startups through video conference. "Let us innovate for India, innovate from India." 

The government is focusing on three aspects -- first, to liberate entrepreneurship and innovation from the web of government processes, bureaucratic silos; second, creating an institutional mechanism to promote innovation; and third, handholding of young innovators and young enterprises, he said.

Narrating successes during the recent years, he said 28,000 patents were granted last year as compared to 4,000 patents in 2013-14. Against registration of 70,000 trademarks in 2013-14, 2.5 lakh trademarks have been registered in 2020-21.

Similarly, in the year 2013-14, where only 4,000 copyrights were granted, last year their number has crossed 16,000.

"India's ranking on the Global Innovation Index is improving because of the programme on innovation started in the country. India was ranked 81 in 2015 and now it is at No. 46," he said.

Startups are not just bringing innovations but are also evolving as major job creators.

The year 2022 has brought new opportunities and avenues for startups, he said adding January 16 will be celebrated as National Startup Day to help percolate startup culture to the grassroot level.

Modi said easier access to funds as well as making self-certification for compliance of nine labour and three environment laws is helping promote startups.

Innovation and technology-based solutions are being encouraged for finding solutions to challenges facing the country, he said.

The startups gave presentations on six themes -- Growing from Roots; Nudging the DNA; From Local to Global; Technology of Future; Building Champions in Manufacturing; and Sustainable Development.

More than 150 startups were divided into six working groups for the purpose of these presentations.

They shared ideas and inputs on a variety of sectors and areas including robust data collection mechanism in agriculture; making India preferred agri business hub; boosting healthcare through use of technology; tackling issue of mental health; promoting travel and tourism through innovations like virtual tours; ed-tech and job identification; connecting offline retail market with digital commerce.

Speaking after the presentations, the Prime Minister said that organisation of this Start Up India Innovation week is all the more important in this year of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav as "the role of the startups will be critical when Indian freedom reaches its centenary year".

"I congratulate all the startups of the country, all the innovative youth, who are raising the flag of India in the world of startups. For this culture of startups to reach the far-flung parts of the country, it has been decided to celebrate January 16 as National Start-up Day,", Modi said.

Recalling the concept of the current decade as the 'techade' of India, he listed three important aspects of the massive changes that the government is making in this decade to strengthen the innovation, entrepreneurship and startup ecosystem.

Measures like removing problems of 'angel tax', simplification of tax procedure, arranging for government funding, allowing self certification of certain labour and environment laws and removal of more than 25,000 compliances have taken the process further, the Prime Minister noted.

He said the government's effort is to institutionalise innovation in the country by creating attraction for innovation among students since childhood.

Modi said, "Our startups are changing the rules of the game. That's why I believe startups are going to be the backbone of new India...Today India is rapidly moving towards hitting the century of the unicorns. I believe the golden era of India's startups is starting now."

He also underlined the role of empowerment by entrepreneurship in addressing the problems of development and regional-gender disparities.

"Do not just keep your dreams local, make them global. Remember this mantra- let's Innovate for India, innovate from India," he exhorted the innovators.

Further, the Prime Minister suggested several areas where the startup ecosystem can play a major role.
He said that extra space on the PM GatiShakti National Master Plan can be used for EV charging infrastructure and areas like defence and chip manufacturing offer many possibilities.

"Many investors have been investing in drone startups after the new drone policy. Army, Navy and Air Force have given Rs 500 crore worth of orders to drone startups," he said, adding investment on research and development related to future technology is the priority of the government today.

Referring to the future prospects, the Prime Minister said that as of now only half of India's population is online, therefore future possibilities are immense.

He appealed to the startups to move towards villages also.

"Whether it is mobile internet, broadband connectivity or physical connectivity, aspirations of villages are rising and rural and semi-urban areas are waiting for a new wave of expansion," he said.