7th pay commission latest news: From good news for government employees on pay, HRA, to jobs, check details

Aug 25, 2018, 07:21 PM IST

Central government employees were disappointed as no announcement was made about a pay hike for them on Independence Day.


7th pay commission latest news: While central government employees were disappointed as no announcement was made about a pay hike for them on Independence Day, this demand of theirs is years old, there were others who got their demands met by authorities and some others who resorted to extreme means to highlight their plight and urgent requirements. Under the report, salaries have been hiked by a fitment factor of 2.57 times. Demands have been made for a hike by 3.68 times, while reports also indicated that some wanted it to be 3.00 times. 7th Pay Commission news have been coming thick and fast, take a look here:  (Image: Reuters)


7th pay commission HRA allowance: A massive gift was provided to government employees in Puducherry. House Rent Allowance (HRA) of as many as 23,000 staff in Puducherry has been hiked. The news is crucial as they will get this enhanced amount from this month only. This will cost the government a whopping sum of Rs 6 cr every month. Chief Minister V Narayanasamy highlighted the fact that even though his government was reeling under a fiscal crisis, he took this big step to ensure employees get what they deserved. 16 per cent of basic pay has been cleared for those in Puducherry as per the 7th Pay Commission report's recommendations. Staff in Mahe, Yanam and Karaikal would get 8 per cent.  (Image: Reuters)


7th pay commission: State government employees in Tripura have had their 7th Pay Commission demands cleared and now they will get an added benefit too. It has been reported that the authorities have cleared the implementation of National Payment System (NPS). This is another big benefit that will ensure employees pensions get enhanced as well as that they do not become a drag on state resources going forward. This has been made effective starting July 1. Pension Fund and Regulatory Authority (PFRDA) said that all new employees joining from this date will be covered by NPS. The promise was made by Chief Minsiter Biplab Dev in his Budget speech.   (Image: Reuters)


7th pay commission: In a big surprise, data revealed that the Indian Railways pension bill has hit the Rs 47,000 cr mark. It was also indicated by authorities that this huge outgo is one of the reasons affecting the operations and upkeep of the transporter. Data shows that between April to July in FY2018-19, the national transporter has reportedly paid about Rs 12,000 crore, while the total pension outgo has been estimated at Rs 47,000 crore. Notably, Indian Railways is one of the largest employers in the government. Significantly, Indian Railways booked big losses as its operating ratio, in July, is 111.51 per cent - Railways spent Rs 111.51 just to generate Rs 100 in revenues!   (Image: Reuters)


7th pay commission: State government employees in this state took matters into their own hands when they thought the authorities were not paying heed to their demands to raise their pay. Maharashtra staff resorted to a massive strike that left the administration as well as schools and other institutions crippled. Their demands include the raising of pay as per the 7th pay commission report recommendations and hiking of retirement age from 58 to 60 years. Some 17 lakh government employees had resorted to strike that lasted for as long as 3 days.  (Image: PTI)


7th pay commission: All those looking to become government employees got some good news recently. Considering that salaries have jumped after the implementation of seventh pay commission, all jobs being announced have been much in demand for youths. The announcement of new jobs was made by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). The institution has announced that several posts under 7th Pay Commission pay matrix are now available and invited applications from eligible candidates. These posts include Scientists, Junior Officer, Lecturers and more. Last date is August 30, 2018. (Image: PTI)