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7th Pay Commission DA for Central Government Employees LATEST NEWS: Wait for central government employees is nearly over. Finally, the Dearness Allowance (DA) will likely be paid to the central government employees. Over 1 crore central government employees and pensioners will get a double bonanza. The DA, which was temporarily frozen last year is now being reinstated.   

However, it is unlikely that the DA payment will come with the July salaries of the central government employees and pensioners but will come along with the September salaries. The National Council of JCM (Staff side) has issued a letter regarding the Dearness Allowance, the copy of which is available with Zee Business.

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The letter has been issued by the office of JCM Secretary Shiv Gopal Mishra and according to this letter, a 26 June 2021 meeting with the Cabinet Secretary was quite positive. During the course of the meeting, many decisions for the benefit of the central government employees were taken.    

The biggest decision was taken regarding the Dearness Allowance. The decision on DA has been under suspension for 18 months now. The government will be restoring the DA from July, though the last three instalments is unlikely to be paid in July. 

According to Mishra, the cabinet secretary has agreed to remove the suspension on DA and Dearness Relief (DR) for the central government pensioners.   

The central government employees and pensioners are likely to get the previous three instalments of January 2020, June 2020 and January 2021 together. 

All the three instalments are expected to come in September. Meanwhile, the Dearness Allowance for June 2021 - the data on which will be released in July 2021 - will also be included. The total payment that will be made will include previous three instalments of DA along with DA of June 2021.  

The government will also be paying arrears for July and August 2021 months in September along with the salary. 

DA will become 31 per cent 

The central government employees are currently getting 17 per cent DA. This will become 28 per cent after adding the three instalments. In January 2020, DA was increased by 4 per cent and was up by 3 per cent in June 2020. In January 2021, it has increased by 4 per cent. Now all the three instalments are to be paid. 

The data on DA of June 2021 is also expected to come in July 2021.  Citing his sources, Zee Business’ Shubham Shukla tells in this report that the DA could be increased by 3 per cent in June 2021. This will take the DA increase to 31 per cent.