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52 Week Range
Day's Range54.72 - 82.08
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52 Week Range
Day's Range54.72 - 82.08
Value Traded (in ₹ Cr.) 0.00

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Category No. Of Shares Share %
ForeignPromoters 0.00 0.00%
IndianPromoters 14,398,100.00 57.72%
Mutual Funds/UTI 0.00 0.00%
FII 0.00 0.00%
Employee 0.00 0.00%
Public 6,291,521.00 25.22%
Government 0.00 0.00%
Others 4,242,682.00 17.01%

Key Statistics

Valuation Measures
Market Cap / Sales Ratio 1.55
Basic EPS (Rs.) 6.81
Cash EPS 7.55
BVPerShare Excl 79.70
Operating Revenue 55.49
PBDITPerShare 9.56
Dividend 2.00
NPPerShare 6.81
Current Ratio 5.43
Quick Ratio 4.76
PriceToBV 1.08
Earnings 0.07
PBDIT Margin 17.22
PBT Margin 15.53
NP Margin 12.27
Return On Assets 7.26
Retention Ratios 70.63
Parameter Mar-17 (₹ Cr.) Yoy%change
Total Income 153.61
Total Expenses 132.10
EBITDA 23.85
PBT 21.51
PAT 16.99
Net Income 16.99
Parameter Mar-18 (₹ Cr.) 6M % change
Total Income 69.45
Total Expenses 58.47
EBITDA 10.08
PBT 10.83
PAT 7.87
Net Income 0.00
Total Assets
Total Assets
Parameter Mar-17 (₹ Cr.) Yoy%change
Total share capital 24.95
Net worth 198.83
Investments 123.39
Total Liability 233.84
Total debt 13.96
Net block 17.68
Total Assets 233.84
Parameter Sep-17 (₹ Cr.) 6M % change
Total share capital 24.95
Net worth 185.53
Investments 109.59
Total Liability 271.07
Total debt 40.49
Net block 18.75
Total Assets 271.07
Company Curr Price Prev. Close Change% W's Low/High

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1.75 1.8 0

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1.05 1.1 0

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1.79 1.88 -4.79

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0.46 0.48 -4.17
Parameter Mar-17(in ₹ Cr.)
Cash from operating activities 0.05
Cash from investing activities -3.63
Cash from financing activities -15.00
Net change in cash -18.58

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Corporate Details

About Management

The Company was incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 as a Private Ltd. Company on 10.10.1986 under the name of Goldiam (International) Pvt. Ltd. and subsequently the name was changed to Goldiam lnteriiational Pvt.Ltd. The company became a deemed Public Ltd. company under section 43 A of the Companies Act with effect from 30.06.1991, It was later converted into a Public Limited Company vide the shareholders special resolution dated 24.08.1994 and the revised Certificate of Incorporation issued by the Registrar of Companies Maharashtra dated 20.09.1994 and changed its name to Goldiam International Ltd. MAIN OBJECTS OF THE COMPANY: The main objects of the company as set out in its Memorandam of Association are as under : 1. To carry on the business of buying,selling,sawing, cutting polishing, manufacturing, preparing for market, manipulating, importing, exporting, trading and dealing in pearls, gems diamonds, industrial diamonds and all kinds of precious and semi precious stones as also all kinds of diamond powders,diamond pastes and all kinds of jewellery and ornaments of gold,silver,platinum and including omaments containing or having diamonds and all precious and semi precious stones. 2.To carry on the business of buying, selling, polishing, manufacturing, importing, exporting as jewellery, gold and silversmiths, dealers in china curiosities, articles of vertucoins, medals, bullion and precious stones, and as manufacturers of and dealers in gold, silver, and other precious metals and gold an-d silver plate, plated articles, watches, clocks, chronoc.eters.and optical and scientific instruments and appliances. PRESENT BUSINESS OF THE COMPANY: The company is engaged in the twin business of export of cut & polished diamonds and the export of plain and studded gold jewellery. After setting up the diamond cutting and polishing section the company set up the jewellery manufacturing facility incorporating the latest state of the art technology. The company today is one of the first companies which has the entire cut & polished diamond studded gold jewellery manufacturing facilities under one roof thus achieving complete forward integration. The Company's unflinching commitment to quality is indicated by in the fact that it has been winning the awards for outstanding export performance for the last three consecutive years i.e. 1991, 1992, & 1993. In view of the vast unsatiated demand for jewellery the company has embarked upon an expansion programme last year to increase annual capacity of jewellery section from the present 75,000 units to 4,00,000 units. SUBSIDIARY(IES) IF ANY: The company does not have any subsidiary. 2002 -Goldiam International Ltd has informed that it has decided to allot Bonus shares in the ratio 1:1. Also appointed two additional Directors Shri V N Nadkarni and Dr R Srinivasan. 2003 Goldiam International Ltd has informed that it has been awarded trophy for standing 3rd by the Gem & Jewelry Export Promotion Council for its export performance under the category studded Precious Metal Jewellery (EPZ/EOU) for the year 2002-03. The award was presented on December 13, 2003. 2005 -Delists equity shares from the Delhi Stock Exchange Association Ltd (DSE) with effect from July 15, 2005. -Goldiam International has given the Bonus in the Ratio of 1:1 2006 -Goldiam International signs MOU with Cinemax Group. 2007 -Goldiam International signs MoU with Lifestyle International. 2010 - The Board of Directors have recommended a Dividend of Re. 1/- per equity share of Rs. 10/- each fully paid-up (i.e. 10%) for the financial year ended. - GoldiamInter - Single Export order worth US$ 6 million (approximately Rs. 27 crores) for diamond studded jewellery. - GoldiamInter - Additional Export order worth US$ 1 million (approximately Rs. 4.5 crores) for diamond studded jewellery. 2011 - The Board of Directors have declared an interim dividend of Re. 1/- per equity share of Rs. 10/- each fully paid-up (i.e. 10%) for the financial year. 2012 - The Board of Directors has declared an interim dividend of Rs. 1.10 per equity share of Rs. 10/- each fully paid-up (i.e. 11%) for the financial year. 2013 -Goldiam International Ltd has recommended Rs. 0.50 (5%) as final dividend 2014 -Goldiam International Ltd has recommended Rs 1.20 (12%) as final dividend

Registered Office

Diamond Procurement Office: The Capital Office No.1107, A Wing, 11th Floor, Plot No.C-70, G-Block,

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