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Category No. Of Shares Share %
ForeignPromoters 0.00 0.00%
IndianPromoters 1,627,374,928.00 66.79%
Mutual Funds/UTI 317,923,695.00 13.05%
FII 156,860,836.00 6.44%
Employee 0.00 0.00%
Public 120,906,395.00 4.96%
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Others 96,486,009.00 3.96%

Key Statistics

Valuation Measures
Market Cap / Sales Ratio 4.06
Basic EPS (Rs.) 6.64
Cash EPS 7.79
BVPerShare Excl 33.62
Operating Revenue 38.56
PBDITPerShare 10.00
Dividend 2.25
NPPerShare 6.93
Current Ratio 1.61
Quick Ratio 1.05
PriceToBV 4.65
Earnings 0.04
PBDIT Margin 25.92
PBT Margin 23.56
NP Margin 17.97
Return On Assets 9.02
Retention Ratios 60.19
Parameter Mar-17 (₹ Cr.) Yoy%change
Total Income 9,082.89
Total Expenses 7,053.47
EBITDA 2,232.72
PBT 2,029.42
PAT 1,547.62
Net Income 1,547.62
Parameter Sep-17 (₹ Cr.) 6M % change
Total Income 4,324.30
Total Expenses 3,557.72
EBITDA 651.54
PBT 766.30
PAT 537.71
Net Income 0.00
Total Assets
Total Assets
Parameter Mar-17 (₹ Cr.) Yoy%change
Total share capital 223.36
Net worth 7,508.54
Investments 459.70
Total Liability 17,156.13
Total debt 16.67
Net block 1,911.62
Total Assets 17,156.13
Parameter Sep-17 (₹ Cr.) 6M % change
Total share capital 240.00
Net worth 8,152.48
Investments 30.96
Total Liability 15,679.33
Total debt 7.84
Net block 970.93
Total Assets 15,679.33
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Parameter Mar-17(in ₹ Cr.)
Cash from operating activities -108.49
Cash from investing activities 3,147.77
Cash from financing activities -2,823.40
Net change in cash 215.88

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Corporate Details

About Management

1954 - The Company was incorporated starting with Bangalore unit. The Company Manufacture electronic communication equipments such as HF/VHF communication transmitters and receivers, HF/VHF microwave radio relays and radars, electronic components needed mainly by Defence services and also by the entertainment industry like radio, TV, etc. The Company received progressive self reliance in the areas of radio communication, radars, broadcasting components. - The Company devotes considerable effort to deliver state-of-the-art equipments to defence users. 1985 - 4,30,000 shares were issued to the President of India. 1986 - 1,10,000 shares issued to the President of India. 1987 - Some of the major accomplishments in the design and development activities were Cyclone warning radar for Indian Meteorological Department, Multiple target field artillery radar for Army. - Components like a vapour cooled 45KW transmitting tube, ICS and HMCs for telecommunication applications and a variety of types of transistors were introduced in the market. - 1,10,000 shares issued to the President of India. 1988 - The Company developed a 10KW TV transmitter, system design of the Central Production Centre at New Delhi for Doordarshan, solid state FM transmitters and a new generation of 10KW mediumwave transmitters, 120 channel UHF digital radio relay equipment for the Department of Telecommunications. 1989 - 1,10,000 shares issued to the President of India. 1990 - The Company entered into the Satellite Communication and simulators segments of business and widened the export base both in terms of market and products. The Company introduced indigenously developed automatic test equipment for the army, ship handling simulators for the Navy, low capacity 40 line electronic exchange for rural applications and high reliability semi conductor devices for space applications. - 50,000 shares issued to the President of India. 1993 - During the year, Taloja, Machilipatnam, Ghaziabad, Kotdwara and Panchkula units registered losses mainly due to lack of order from defence rector. Production of Ghaziabad, Machilipatnam and Kotdwara has been affected due to lack of orders from Defence Sector and DOT. 1994 - The Company has signed a MOU with General Electric Company, USA for forming a joint venture company for manufacture and supply of of X-Ray Tubes. - The Company set up a joint venture 100% export oriented unit with Oldelft, Netherlands, for the manufacture of image intensifiers. Another joint venture was entered with HMT and KSIIDC for manufacture of watch crystals. The Company also proposed a joint development programme with a Swiss company for updating of radars. 1996 - Machilipatnam and Kotdwara units incurred losses due to lack of orders from Defence Services and DOT. Taloja unit suffered due to fall in demand for 20" Black and White TV Glass Shells. - The Company diversified its activities into related areas of like Energy Saver, Fish Finder, Solar Cells & Systems, Emergency Communication Systems for Railways, Contract Manufacturing etc. 1997 - The company is setting up facilities for the manufacture of Silicon Wafers at Bangalore Complex with an investment of Rs 2000 lakhs. - The Company has entered into a number of collaboration agreement with leading foreign companies for manufacture of State-of-the-art equipment and products. - The Company had set up a Central Research Laboratory (CRL) at Bangalore to undertake research in frontier areas of technology. The Company proposed to establish second CRL at Ghaziabad which would focus on signal processing computers, antenna and microwave engineering. - The Company entered into a joint venture with Multitone Electronics Plc of UK offering mobile communication solutions for the workplace. Another joint venture was entered with GE Medical Systems and formed GE BE Private Ltd., for manufacturing a High End Rotating Anode Medical Diagnostic X-ray Tube called CT MAX used in CT Scanners. - The debentures were issued on private placement basis: 16,00,000-15% Non-convertible debentures of Rs 100 each. (Redeemable at 5% premium in four equal annuam instalments starting from 11.9.1992). 4,00,000-15% Non-convertible debentures of Rs 100 each. (Redeemable in four equal yearly instalments at a premium of 5% starting from 3.10.1992). 15,00,000-14% Non-convertible debentures of Rs 100 each. (Redeemable in equal half-yearly instalment at a premium of 5% at the end of 7th, 8th and 9th years from the date of allotment, the earliest date of redemption being 28.10.1995). - 5,00,000-14% Non-convertible debentures of Rs 100 each. (Redeemable in three equal yearly instalments at a premium of 5% starting from 31.10.1995). - 1,60,00,000 shares of Rs 10 each amounting to 20% of the subscribed and paid up capital of Rs 80 crores was disinvested. - The public sector Bharat Electronics (BEL) is firming up a joint venture with Multitone of the UK to offer closed user group (CUG) paging services for the first time in the country. - Bharat Electronics Ltd. is talking to Raytheon for a teaming arrangement for airport modernisation systems. - BEL will be setting up its first radar surveillance unit at the Calcutta airport and in Chennai airport. - The public sector Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) unveiled its range of products developed recently for the domestic market. - The company has developed an alaram system for unmanned level crossings, which would provide both audio and visual signals of the arriving train. - BEL has also developed conquest, an energy saver device, in technical collaboration with an US technology invention company Condyne Technology. - BE is India's first defence and professional electronics company to be awarded the ISO 9002 certification, the benchmark of international quality. - The public sector Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) is now on the Internet, with the website developed by the company's international marketing division. - The company makes electronics for rocket and launch vehicles used by the Indian Space research Organisation (ISRO). - Bharat Electronics signed a joint venture agreement with Multitone Electronics Plc of UK to set up a joint venture company which will offer mobile communication products for the workplace. The new company will be called BEL-Multitone Pvt Ltd. - Bharat Electronics Ltd has signed a joint venture with General Electric, a $80 billion Fortune 500 company to manufacture X-ray tubes and detectors. - The venture company GE BEL launched its new X-ray 40,000 sq.ft tube facility at the Export Promotion Industrial park, Whitefield on 19.11.97. 1998 - Employees of Bharat Electronics Ltd. (BEL) in all the nine units nationwide went on a one-day strike. - Public sector Bharat Electronics Ltd's (BEL), Ghaziabad unit has bagged a safety award of merit from National Safety Council, USA. This is for the first time any unit of BEL is winning this award. - The company has established a joint venture company with GE for the manufacture of medical systems. - BEL is also diversifying into manufacture of silicon wafers by setting up facilities in Bangalore. - Bharat Electronics Ltd. (BEL) has entered into a strategic alliance with National Semiconductor Corporation to build motherboards for personal computers around the Media GX processor. - Gobal avionics systems major Sextant Avionics has signed an agreement to transfer the technology for liquid crystal display (LCD) systems for MiG 21 aircraft to public sector Bharat Electronics Ltd. - Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. (HAL), and Bharat Electronics (BEL), Bangalore, are among the six winners of the 1998 national awards for outstanding achievements in research and development (R and D) in different areas of industry. 1999 - BEL Multitone is a 51:49 joint venture company of Multitone Electronics, UK and BEL. - Bharat Electronics (BE) Ltd. is setting up an integrated circuit (IC) design centre at its manufacturing unit in Jalahally near Bangalore in associated with a US partner. - Bharat Electronics, a professionals electronics company, which has found success in its increasingly popular microprocessor-based electronic voting machine (EVM), has supplied a state-of-the-art microprocessor based 1 kVA solar power supply unit to power a rural information technology network. - BEL also set up an Integrated Circuit design centre and another plant to manufacture polysilicon cell which harnesses solar energy during the past few months at its existing facility in Jalahalli. - The company has diversified its operations at the Taloja unit in Maharashtra which was producing glass shells for black & White television tubes. - The company had tried to raise some funds for setting up the colour picture tube unit. 2000 - The aeronautics major Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd and the electronics heavyweight Bharat Electronics Ltd have signed a memorandum of understanding, to bring snyergy in their core competencies and to complement one another's capabilities. - The Company has bagged two awards for excellence in electronics for 1998. - The Investment and Credit Rating Agency has withdrawn the LAA (L double A) rating indicating high safety assigned to the Rs 100 crore Bond programme of Bharat Electronics Limited. 2002 - BEL has informed changes in the Board to the exchange which includes appointment of Air Marshall V A Patkar as part time director in the place of Vice Admiral A.S.Krishnan. -Vice Admiral P.C.Bhashin appointed as the director of the Board by Government of India -BEL has become first defense PSU to acquire operational status of mini ratna category-1. -BEL committed towards improving social sector through some projects like Akshaya and BEL Ladies Association. -Company sets a sales target of 2000 crs for the financial year 02-03. -GOI has appointed Mr.P.R.K.Haragopal as Director(finance) in place of Mr.P.Bhaskaran Naidu. -Review of the unaudited financial results by the auditors for the financial year sept-2002. -The first batch of, indegenously produced invar filters by BEL have been handed over to ISRO. -BEL and PicoPeta Simputers pvt ltd are joining together to manufacture and market a new range of hand-held indegenously developed simputers. 2003 -Mrs Rita Menon has been appointed as new official director of BEL. -GOI appoints Mr S.K.Mehta as Director on the Board of Bharat Electronics. -Company has recorded its highest ever turnover of Rs. 25710 million for 02-03, with an increase of 32%. -BEL recorded 39% increase in its gross profit at Rs.395 cr as compared to Rs.285 cr last year -Company has changed the name of its subsidiary from BE -Delft Electronics Ltd to BEL Optronic Devices Ltd. -BEL became the first PSU to be adjudged 'The Best Company' for 2002-03 by the Bangalore Stock Exchange. -BEL received order from TN government to supply, install and commission the 2 GHz 120-channel Digital Microvave communication system on turnkey basis. -Company formulates its vision statement targeting to a turnover to 50,000 million. -Mr.S.Paneer Selvam, Senior Technical Assistant in BEL's Naval Systems Strategic Business Unit has received Prime Minister's Shram Shri Award for the year 2003. -Dr V K Koshy, Chairman & Managing Director of the company resigned and GOI has appointed Mr Y Gopala Rao as Chairman & Managing Director on the Board of Directors 2004 -Bharat Electronics gives order worth Rs 8.9 Cr to Astra Microwave -Bharat Electronics Ltd has informed that Mr. K. U. Limaye, Director, Electronics & Radar Development Establishment, Bangalore has been appointed as part-time Director on the Board of Directors of Bharat Electronics Ltd in place of Mr. N. Divakar, who has since retired. -Bharat Electronics Ltd has informed that the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (C&AG), has recently appointed the following firms as Statutory/Branch Auditors of the company for the year 2003-04: 1. Statutory Auditors: M/s Suri and Co (Statutory auditors, HO, Consolidation of accounts and auditors for Banglore, Chennai and Hyderabad units).; 2. Branch Auditors: M/s Bubber Jindal & Co., (auditors for Ghaziabad, Panchkula and Kotdwara Units); M/s N V Sarma and Co., (auditors for Machilipatnam Unit); M/s Joshi & Sahney, (Auditors for Pune and Taloja Units). -Shifts Registered office to new premises w.e.f. March 15, 2004. The address is as follows: Bharat Electronics Ltd, Nagavara, Outer Ring Road, Bangalore 560 045. Tel: 080-2503 9300; Fax: 2503 9305. 2004 -BEL, PicoPeta Simputers launch Amida Simputer, a hand-held computing device - PicoPeta Simputers Pvt Ltd and Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL) have launched the Simputer handheld computing device for the enterprises called 'Amida Alchamy.' -BEL CMD wins Electronics Man of the Year award -L&T and BEL join hands to develop radar for Army - Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) signs agreement with Wipro Infotech for company wide implementation of MySAP Business Suite, 2005 -BEL inks contract of $1.6m with Suriname -BEL declares 40% interim dividend for '04-05 -BEL gets prestigious ICWAI Award 2006 -Bharat Electronics secures order for Set Top Boxes 2007 - Bharat Electronics Ltd has appointed Mr. N K Sharma as Director (Marketing) on the Board of Directors of the Company. Prior to this appointment, Mr. N K Sharma has been holding the post of General Manager, heading the Ghaziabad Unit of the Company. - Bharat Electronics Ltd has promoted three of its general managers as Executive Directors with effect from November 1. Mr D.A. Mohan, ED (Telecom & Broadcast Systems) at BEL-Bangalore; Mr Anand Kumar is ED (BEL-Ghaziabad); and Mr V. Sundararaman, ED (Technology Planning) at the Corporate Office in Bangalore. -Bharat Electronics bags IETE award for software development -Bharat Electronics signs 2 MoUs on Day 1 of Aero India 2007 2008 -Bharat Electronics Ltd has informed that Government of India has appointed Lt. Gen P Mohapatra, Signal Officer-in-Chief, Army Headquarters, as a part-time official Director on the Board of Directors of the Company in place of Lt. Gen (Retd.) S P Sree Kumar. -Bharat Electronics to open Product Support Centre at Kochi -BEL receives SCOPE award -BEL to display state-of-the-art defence electronics products & systems at DEFEXPO 2008 for global market -BEL signs term sheet, MoUs at Defexpo 2008 2009 -BEL wins Raksha Mantri's Awards - BEL signs MoU with BHEL for Solar JV 2010 -BEL sets up biz unit for naval sonar systems 2011 -Appointment of S. K. Sharma as Director of the Company -BharatElectr - Boardrecommended a final dividend of 156% (i.e. Rs.15.60 ) 2012 -Bharat Electronics Limited India (BEL) signed an MoU with Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) for cooperation on future Long Range Surface to Air Missile (LRSAM) Ship-defence Systems". 2013 - The company have declared payment of 163% Final Dividend (i.e. Rs. 16.30 per equity share of Rs. 10/- each). 2014 - BEL records Rs. 6,180 cr turnover (provisional) - BEL has recommended a final dividend of Rs. 17.30 per share, this is in addition to the interim dividend of Rs. 6 per share for the year. - The company has decided to form a Joint Venture Company (JVC) with Thales Air Systems SA, France and Thales India in Radar Business Area. 2015 -Bharat Electronics - VP of India, M Hamid Ansari, inaugurated the modernised BEL Software Technology Centre (BSTC) of Navratna Defence PSU Bharat Electronics -BEL receives additional Purchase Order for CoMPASS from Elbit Systems -The Company has allotted the Bonus Shares to its shareholders in the Ratio of 2:1. 2016 -BEL wins Raksha Mantri Awards -BEL receives PSE Excellence Award -BEL launches Remote Controlled Weapon Station for MBT Arjun Mk II -BEL launches BELCOMNET communication network -BEL bags India Pride Award -BEL celebrates World Health Day 2017 -'BEL Achieves Turnover of Rs. 8800 Crores'. -`BEL wins six Raksha Mantri's Awards'. -"BEL launches Remote Controlled Weapon Station for MBT Arjun Mk II". -"BEL receives Offset Contract for CoMPASS from Elbit Systems Electro Optics - ELOP Ltd, Israel". -BEL signs MoU with Department of Defence Production. --BEL wins Excellence Award for 'Responsible Organisation'.

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