Special Indian Railways Train 18 reaches Delhi; Check amazing photos

Nov 14, 2018, 04:54 PM IST

The most modern Indian Railways Train 18 has reached Delhi and the citizens here got a special treat! The opportunity was to see the train in all its glory at the Safdarjung Station today morning. Here we list all the specialties and benefits that it offers to passengers. T18 train is on trial and will undergo extensive testing before passengers are allowed to travel on it. The train is designed to increase Indian Railways' Green footprint by dispensing with the power cars and saving about 30% electricity thanks to advanced regenerative braking system.


Train 18 incorporates many modern features which debuted for the first time on Indian Railways. Train 18 will usher in a new era of passenger travel. ICF has rolled out Train 18, India's first semi-high speed train set with quicker acceleration and contemporary passenger amenities. It will offer both comfort and pace to the passengers and will replace intercity express trains which have travel time in the range of 6-7 hrs. Christened Train 18, the train set has been developed from scratch within a short span of 1 1/2 years to roll out by 2018.


The total seating capacity of the Train 18 is 1124 (44*2 Driving Trailer Coaches+78*12 normal chair cars+52*2 executive chair cars) that's more than a Shatabdi Express train, due to availability of seats in the driving coaches and elimination of generator cars.


Salient Features of Train 18
-16 coach chair car type configuration
-Stainless Steel Car Body
-Maximum speed- 160 kmph
-Test speed- 180 kmph
-Maximum Axle Load -17T
-Starting Acceleration- 0.8m/sec^2
-Fully Sealed Gangway
-Fully air-conditioned including driver cab
-Automatic doors with sliding foot step
-Onboard computer for Train control and remote monitoring
-50% powered axles (every alternate coach powered)
-Fully Suspended Traction Motors.
-All propulsion equipment are under slung


Cameras on both the side of driving cab help driver to monitor the movement of passengers on the platform before closing the doors and taking off, and a front camera will record the signal and OHE condition whenever required.


Train 18 has an emergency alarm button and emergency talk back units (through which passengers can talk to crew in case of Emergency).


Propulsion System: The 3 Phase IGBT based propulsion system is developed indigenously. Fully suspended traction motors are of 3 Phase Induction type. The Starting acceleration of Train 18 is 0.7m/sec^2 will reduce running time by 10 to 15%. All the equipment are controlled by Vehicle Control Computer (VCC) which in turn communicate with control units on individual coaches through ethernet backbone.


Train 18 costs Rs 100 crores (approx) which is about half the price of a similar imported train. Train 18 has about 80% Indian origin components meeting the hon'ble Prime Minister's call for 'Make in India'.


Out of 16 coaches, 12 coaches are normal chair car type with 78 seats, two coaches are executive type with 52 seats and two driving coaches are normal chair car type with 44 seats.


Train 18 has better passenger amenities such as on-board Wi-Fi infotainment, GPS based passenger information system, plush interiors, bio-vacuum toilets, diffused LED lighting, charging points beneath every seat, individual touch based reading lights, intelligent air-conditioning system that will adjust the cooling according to the climate conditions/occupancy, concealed roller blinds, facility for divyangjan (PWD-passengers with disability) to enter the driving trailer coach using their wheel chairs, PWD friendly toilets, auto sensor taps in the toilets, modern pantry and food service facilities, rotating seats to match with the direction of the train in executive class, automatic sliding doors inside the coach compartments, modular luggage rack with glass bottom and many more.


A new semi permanent coupler has been developed for Train-18 to reduce the jerks. Train 18 has two driving trailer coaches with aerodynamic driver's cab (nose cone) on the driving ends which enable quicker turn around time at destinations. The aerodynamic shape of the nose cone will save energy requirement significantly by reducing air drag, apart from giving the train a sleek and aesthetic look.


Train 18 has been conceived, Designed and made in a record time of 18 months, as against the industry trend of 3 to 4 years. The design of Train 18 was started in May 2017 and in this short span of time, the train set has been developed from CAD screen to actual completion. The design involved not only the design of the coaches but also design and development of manufacturing jigs and fixtures for car body and bogies, development of propulsion system and brake system and interior furnishing.


ICF has developed a complete new bogie design with fully suspended traction motors for 160 kmph operational speed. The advanced state of the art suspension system will ensure smooth and safe journey for the passengers. The brake system is electro pneumatic with brake discs mounted directly on wheel discs, which reduces the braking distance. 


On safety front, the Train Control management System (TCMS) provide with the driver's cab will ensure precise brake control and automated doors control. The automated plug doors provided on the coaches will open only when the train reaches 0 kmph speed and the train will start only after closing of all the doors. Automated sliding footsteps will form a temporary bridge between the train and the platform to prevent any accidental slip or fall of the passenger.