Mumbai plastic ban: Check what is exempt from bar order

Apr 14, 2018, 01:40 PM IST

The Bombay High Court has declined to stay the Maharashtra government's decision to ban plastic materials and asked citizens to dispose of their existing stocks within 3 months


Plastics used to package medicines, forest, horticulture and agricultural products to be exempt from the ban.


Plastic bags and sheets used in plant nurseries and solid waste management will be exempt from ban.


Plastic and plastic products used in SEZs and   export-based industries will be exempt from ban.


Milk pouches above 50 micron thickness to be exempt from ban.


Food grade quality PET and PETE bottles that are devoid of Bisphenol-A, and subject to purchase and recycle scheme to be exempt from ban.


Also, you should know that a helpline number is to be issued for details about BMC plastic collection spots and vehicles. Bottle crushing machines too will be installed at Indian Railways stations.



Notably, MPCB registered agencies to be roped in to recycle collected plastic. And to ensure everyone knows about the deadline as well as the importance of the issue, awareness programmes on TV, radio and other media to be launched. Exhibitions to be held on info on alternatives to plastic cutlery and packaging too.