Narendra Modi Mann Ki Baat: Peace doesn't only mean ''no war''

ZeeBiz WebTeam | Oct 28, 2018, 07:53 PM IST

Narendra Modi Mann Ki Baat: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday, while stressing on the need to work "unitedly" to address issues like terrorism, climate change, economic development and social justice, said that peace does not mean "no war". This was the 49th episode of PM Modi's monthly radio address "Mann Ki Baat".  Here are a few PM Modi Mann Ki Baat quotes:  


Modi: "Development of the poorest of the poor is the real indicator of peace." 


Modi: Wherever there will be a talk of world peace, India`s name and contribution will be written in golden letters.


Modi: "Indian soldiers showed it to the world that they are second to none if it comes to war. Our soldiers have displayed great valour in difficult areas and adverse conditions. There has just been a single objective behind it- Restoration of peace. The world witnessed a dance of death and devastation during the World War I."


Modi: "Around one crore soldiers and almost the same number of civilians lost their lives. This made the whole world realize and understand the importance of peace. The definition of peace has changed in the last hundred years. Today, peace does not only mean `no war'".


Modi: "Our country is also facing this problem (environment protection). But, for its solution we only have to look inwards, to look into our glorious past and our rich traditions and have especially to understand the lifestyle of our tribal communities. To live in consonance and closed coordination with the nature has been an integral part of our tribal communities. Our tribal brethren worship trees and plants and flowers like gods and goddesses."