Karnataka election 2018: Nifty may hit all-time record if Narendra Modi led BJP wins

May 14, 2018, 01:39 PM IST

Karnataka election 2018: May 15 marks an important day for Dalal Street when the results for Karnataka election 2018 will be declared. According to a Zee Business poll, PM Narendra Modi led BJP is likely to win most seats in Karnataka, but not enough to clear the halfway mark of 112 seats. We have compiled all the outcome scenarios and likely Nifty movement against these eventualities: 


If BJP wins: 80 per cent analysts believe the Nifty will rally, while only 5 per cent expect a fall. 10 per cent analysts predict markets to remain unchanged. (Image source: PTI)


If Congress wins: Only 10 per cent respondents expect Nifty to rise if Congress retains power. 60 per cent experts anticipate Nifty to fall, while 30 per cent predict a flat movement in this case. (Image source: PTI)


Nifty level on BJP's victory: 10,900-11,000 (15 per cent), 11,000-11,100 (50 per cent), record high (35 per cent). (Image source: PTI)


Nifty hit a record high, of 11,171.55 points, on January 29 this year. (Image source: Reuters)


Hung assembly: Nifty below 10,400 (20 per cent), 10,400-10,500 (45 per cent), Marginal change in Nifty (35 per cent). Image source: (Image source: PTI)