Indian Railways turns to WhatsApp, this is big reason why

Jun 11, 2018, 10:46 AM IST

Indian Railways has caught the cleanliness bug and it is thinking out of the box not just to get the job done, but to get it done well and make it stick permanently.


1.Northern Railways has adopted this messenger app as a tool and put its senior officials in charge of monitoring WhatsApp groups dedicated to this cleanliness drive. Image source: Reuters


2.Indian Railways will create WhatsApp groups for every department, from pantry car down to bed rolls. A status report is to be be uploaded daily. Image source: Reuters


3.And yes, this WhatsApp drive will also include checking whether air conditioners in trains are working. Image source: Reuters


4.And no, things will not be taken for granted and proof must be submitted in the form of photos. The housekeeping staff will upload time-stamped pictures on these groups. Image source: Reuters


5.Indian Railways will not be dependent on WhatsApp completely to ensure spotlessly clean trains. It is also setting up other infrastructure. Image source: Reuters


6.Indian Railways will set up an automatic coach washing plant at the Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station. It can wash a 24-coach train in under 8 minutes. Image source: Reuters



7.That the environment is very much on its mind is clear from the fact that the Railways will cut down usage of water tremendously. Image source: Reuters


8.The plant will use just 240 litres of water to wash a coach as against 1,500 litres required manually. Image source: Reuters


9.Wait, there is more on water! The unit will use 20 per cent fresh water and 80 per cent recycled water! And it has mass scale capability - it can wash 250 coaches per day! Image source: Reuters


10.During the cleaning process, Indian Railways will use vacuum cleaners, branded chemicals, perfume and mosquito repellents. The archaic phenyl will be dropped. Image source: Reuters