Indian Railways train food: This is what IRCTC charges you

Jun 05, 2018, 02:22 PM IST

A panel of catering experts has informed IRCTC that its meal trays are overladen — holding 900 grams of food per meal against 750 grams in a normal Indian diet. IRCTC is making significant losses on its onboard catering services as it gets Rs 112 per passenger meal, whereas the actual cost of a full meal has risen to more than Rs 150 per plate, according to an ET report.


A 2017 CAG report said the food on board trains did not meet the desired standards. (Image source: Twitter)


Maintaining quality is being difficult because a large quantity of food is being provided at low cost. (Image source: Reuters)


To reduce the cost, IRCTC may cut down the quantity of dal from the current 150 gm to around 100 gm. (Image source: Reuters)


Passengers may just get 120 gm of boneless chicken gravy instead of chicken pieces and dry vegetables. (Image source: Twitter)


IRCTC has sent its proposal to the Railway Board. (Image source: Reuters)


If approved, the new services will be first introduced in 27 Rajdhani and Shatabdi trains. (Image source: Reuters)