Indian Railways to launch modern, smart coach; here are details

Aug 29, 2018, 04:41 PM IST

The Indian Railways is manufacturing smart coaches at its Raebareli Modern coach factory. Railways' new smart coaches will be equipped with black boxes and coach information and diagnostics systems. Besides that, there will be various other safety features like GPS tracker and CCTV camera. (Image source: YouTube)


1. There will be sensor in the smart coaches which will provide updates on how air conditioners are working and it will send alert if an AC needs to be repaired.


2. For the first time in Indian Railways’ history, there will be black boxes in the train which will have a powerful multi-dimensional communication interface to provide information on coach condition, queries related to passenger information on a real-time basis.


3. The wheel of the smart coaches will have vibrating self-power harvesting sensor, which will provide information in advance if the tracks they are about to run on are weak.


4. The sensors in the smart coaches will have energy harvester  which means they will be charged by the jerks.


5. The smart coaches will have GPS tracker. There will be at least six CCTV cameras that will send the live feed related to certain train.