Indian Railways Bullet train fare in India: Is this train affordable?

Apr 16, 2018, 02:18 PM IST

Indian Railways Bullet train from Mumbai to Ahmedabad is being built and that too at a fast pace. However, is it affordable, considering the mammoth cost, is the common refrain. We reveal the bullet train fares here. These may not be final rates when the spectacular train starts operating: 


Travellers on the bullet train will be offered  tickets costing anything between Rs 250 and Rs 3,000. The Bullet train fare will depend on the destination of the passenger.


Bullet train ticket prices will be Rs 3,000 between Mumbai and Ahmedabad, while they can fall as low as Rs 250 between Banda-Kurla Complex (BKC) and Thane.


Bullet train tickets will also be segregated into segments as in aviation. There will be a bullet train business class (one exclusive, separate coach) and prices of tickets may well be in excess of Rs 3,000. Food will be free in this class.


Bullet train journey may even score over airlines in terms of affordability as well as time saving. One should also include the fact that the trip to the airport, boarding passes and security checks take time at the airport, which is not the case with the bullet train. 


In fact, bullet train ticket prices will not account for certain other savings. For instance a cab can take over an hour to reach the airport, and its charges can be around Rs 650. Much of this can be saved.


Bullet train ticket prices may well be just 1.5 times higher than Indian Railways AC first class fares on trains.


Bullet train set will have some 10 'standard' coaches. Food will be provided in all coaches.