Housing sales get this big boost

ZeeBiz WebTeam | Jan 14, 2019, 08:23 PM IST

Increased demand for flats, especially projects nearing completion, coupled with a focus on executing previously launched projects fuelled an upstick in housing demand, according to data analytic firm PropEquity.


7% rise in housing sales at 2.15 lakh units in 2018 across nine major cities    Image source: PTI


22% drop in new housing launches to 1.46 lakh units    Image source: PTI


1.87 lakh new housing units launched in 2017​   Image source: PTI


10% decline in unsold stocks due to higher sales and fall in new supply    Image source: PTI


19% rise in housing sales in Bengaluru to 38,525 units last year   Image source: Reuters


9% jump in Mumbai at 22.413 units   Image source: Reuters


16% increase in Pune at 49,706 units    Image source: Reuters