Have pricey leather shoes? 5 steps to protect them from summer

May 01, 2018, 04:49 PM IST

Well, it simply boils down to keeping them away from direct sunlight and water, reveal Kanika Bhatia, Chief Experience Officer, Egoss, and Ambud Sharma, Founder, Escaro Royale Luxury. But there is more to it than simply that. Here is how to maintain leather shoes: 



Keep them away from direct sunlight:  Leather fades faster when exposed to sunlight. Sunlight can lead to drying and cracking. Ideal places to store leather footwear are darker places with some humidity, with slight ventilation to avoid formation of mildew. That also means you should never store them in plastic bags. Use bags made of breathable fabric and pillow cases. 

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Do not keep socks in shoes: Shoes wear off faster if socks are kept inside the shoes as they leave a pungent smell leading to bad odour.

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Do not wear the same pair daily: Leather shoes need time to dry up naturally as they have a tendency to soak water from your feet. Wearing the same pair everyday will not help the shoe to dry up leading to a faster wear down.

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Cleaning is important: Regular cleaning, polishing and conditioning play an important role in taking care of leather shoes. Always clean your leather shoes with a soft cloth before applying shoe cream. 



Stay away from water: Don't put water on your leather products especially hand-painted products. 

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