Food delivery SOPs unveiled by Delhi government

IANS | Jul 09, 2020, 11:40 AM IST

Delhi government`s Department of Women and Child Development on Wednesday issued Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to ensure the delivery of Supplementary Nutrition Food to the beneficiaries at their doorsteps through 10,755 Anganwadi centres of all eleven districts.


More than five lakh beneficiaries of the capital have availed the facility of the Supplementary Nutrition Food (SNF) of Delhi Government, the officials said. (Photo: Reuters)


This was informed by Delhi Women and Child Development Minister Rajendra Pal Gautam after a review meeting held at his camp office attended by senior officers of the department.(Photo: Reuters)


He informed that after the implementation of departmental SOP, the distribution will be done on fixed weekdays in every fortnight of the month. The existing system of giving Take Home Ration entitlement for every fortnight will continue. This will be delivered at the doorsteps of beneficiaries through respective Anganwadi centres, he said.(Photo: PTI)


Quantity of SNF for 13 days (in grams) includes Wheat Dalia plain (1300 gm), Black Chana Raw (260 gm), Jaggery (130 gm), Roasted black gram (130 gm) to children and Wheat Dalia plain (1690 gm), Black Chana Raw (260 gm), Jaggery (130 gm), Roasted black gram (130 gm) to pregnant and lactating women. (Photo: PTI)


Gautam further said that it has been decided that all the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) projects in Delhi are clubbed into two clusters -- 48 projects in one and 47 projects in another, known as Cluster `A` and Cluster `B`. The Non-Profit Organizations will get two days instead of one day for the supply of Take Home Ration at the centres for each cluster. (Photo: PTI)


The Cluster `A` includes the district offices of South, South East, West, Central, North West-I, North West-II, North, North East, East and Cluster `B` includes South East, South West, West, Central, North West-I, North, North-East and East respectively. (Photo: PTI)