Career trends 2019: How to boost your job prospects

ZeeBiz WebTeam | Jan 07, 2019, 08:08 PM IST

The year 2019 brings new hopes as well as expectations for youth and job seekers. You may also be gearing up to face job interviews, but prior to that, here are a few facts published in a Times of India report that should be taken into consideration to know future career trends: -


1. In 2019, you may expect potential employers to try out ways to gauge your emotional quotient, as they believe that higher emotional quotient (EQ) will mean efficient teams. In fact, this is individual's capability to recognize their own emotions and those of others to discern between different feelings and label them appropriately. This emotional information can be used to guide them to adapt to an environment for achieving one's goal. Image source: Reuters


2. Job seekers are likely to see their working environment more inclusive towards women, persons with disabilities and other socially disadvantaged segments, because Corporate India has been making effort to accommodate diverse thought processes and a sense of security. Image source: Reuters


3. The demands for data scientists will continue to boom but the focus will be on the growing market of AI (Artificial Intelligence), which will create many roles in this space as it touches our lives through multiple products and services. The familiarity with Artificial Intelligence will enhance your career prospects. Image source: Reuters


4. Although companies will pursue and invest their resources in going digital, it will also create immense opportunities for the human support element. You must think of grooming yourself in the upcoming scenario to increase your value. Image source: Reuters


5. In 2019, you can also expect new avenues in computing, security and automation. This would provide an opportunity for aspiring engineers who can upgrade their current skill and accordingly plan a new career path. Image source: Reuters


6. Facing attrition issues, employers are likely to increase investments in non-financial benefits to increase retention to reduce the cost of attrition. You may be offered a training programme to hone your skills. Image source: Reuters


7. The year 2019 may also witness the resurgence of office jobs. There may be bigger job opportunities for you if you are willing to work with your team at the office. Image source: Reuters