Budget 2019 Parliament session: PM Narendra Modi makes clarion call for building 'Future India'

ZeeBiz WebTeam | Jan 31, 2019, 02:30 PM IST

Budget 2019: As Parlaiment session started today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the government is ready to debate on all issues and hoped the Session will be a fruitful. Speaking to reporters outside the House, Modi said: "Last time we saw how the Parliament worked. 


"Nowadays there is an awareness among the public. They keep a close watch on the proceedings of the Parliament. People dislike the fact when politicians do not take interest in discussions and debates in the House," he said. Image source: IANS


"I also know that now when all lawmakers have to go to their respective constituencies, so whatever positive behaviour they show will give them positive benefit in the field as well and it also reflects on how people look at lawmakers," Narendra Modi said. Image source: PTI



"All small incidents reach the common man...Due to this, those who do not have interest in discussions, resentment is generated against them," PM Modi explained. Image source: PTI



"I hope that the members will keep this in mind and utilise the Budget Session to the fullest, participating in the debates and discussions for the benefit of the common man, the government and the nation," he added. Image source: PTI



"We are committed to take everyone along in the development of the country and want their support in the decisions to take the nation forward," Modi said. Image source: IANS



"We will try our best to have a detailed debate on the all issues. I will welcome the debate with an open heart and mind, so that the House functions properly," he concluded. Image source: PTI



"I will welcome discussions with an open mind, I will welcome smooth functioning of Parliament, I will welcome that all lawmakers work together for the construction of future India," Modi said. Image source: Reuters