Aviation: Delhi's IGI airport to remove one more pain point for flyers, ensure ease of flying

Jul 27, 2018, 11:36 AM IST

The government has been working to ensure the services that are provided under its aegis as hassle free for users. Looking to ensure ease of flying, under the 'digi-yatra' initiative, the government is set to implement e-boarding facility to really make air travel seamless for flyers. Towards this end, it is doing away with the practice of physical stamping of boarding passes. The Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport will begin this facility from next month, said a spokesperson for the Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL).  


Earlier, Civil Aviation Secretary R N Choubey had reportedly said that once the digi-yatra facility is in place, passengers can enter the airport via an "e-gate" after a face-based identification process. Image source: Reuters


DIAL described it as a first phase of the launch of the e-boarding facility, which will help domestic air passengers enjoy a complete paperless boarding experience at airports. Image source: Reuters 


From the first week of August, the facility will start at the T-2 terminal for GoAir passengers and be introduced for other airlines subsequently, the spokesperson said yesterday, adding "It will subsequently be rolled out to other airlines at the Airport as well. This will start at a few gates at T2, and be expanded to all the gates gradually." Image source: Reuters


Now, passengers will have to merely flash their boarding pass at a scanner machine placed at the security area for frisking. CISF personnel will give a 'go-ahead' command through a terminal placed at his end before frisking the passenger, officials involved in its implementation said. Image source: Reuters


However, a person who uses the new system would be frisked and checked if the security person on duty finds them suspicious, a senior CISF official reportedly said, adding that the final call on the security clearance of a passenger rests with on-duty security personnel. Image source: Reuters


Notably, this facility would cover all boarding processes right from entry into the terminal building, check-ins, security checks, boarding gate and boarding bridge check before entering the aircraft. All that a passenger would need is a mobile e-boarding card, DIAL reportedly added. Image source: Reuters


The system will be a win-win situation both for the passengers, the security apparatus and the airlines. The system will ensure shorter queue, faster boarding, self-baggage drop and self check-in, he had stated. Image source: Reuters