7th Pay Commission: These government employees hopes soar; here is why

ZeeBiz WebTeam | Dec 06, 2018, 10:50 PM IST

7th Pay Commission: The meeting between Railway employees' organizations and the Ministry of Railways over issues related to the 7th Pay Commission has been very positive. Employees' representatives were given an assurance in the meeting held on Tuesday that the employees may start getting running allowances under the 7th Pay Commission. The concerned file has been sent to the Railway Minister. The payment of running allowances under the 7th Pay Commission will make a huge difference to the salary of employees. For example, a railway guard travels 100 kilometers, and gets Running Allowance of Rs 235. This allowance is proposed to be increased to Rs 525. If implemented, the Guard's salary is likely to witness an increase of over an average of Rs 10,000 every month. Similarly, Railways drivers travel an average of 4000 to 5000 kilometers in a month, and in case the allowance is increased, they will get increased allowance of even up to Rs 12,000 in a month.



What else was on agenda?

In the meeting between railway employees and railway officials, positive talks were also held on the Fitment formula, Old Pension Scheme and many other issues. All India Railway Men's Federation General Secretary Shiv Gopal Mishra said that the talks with the railway ministry were quite successful. Some issues have not been negotiated right now, therefore, conversation will continue. Employees have been given assurance that the running allowance will be given soon under the 7th Pay Commission. Image source: Reuters


Strategy for the movement
The All India Railway Men's Federation also convened a meeting of the Standing Committee on Wednesday. The outcome of the meeting would set the direction of the movement of railway workers. Notably, Railway workers are continuously on agitation since November 26. Image source: PTI


Decision on Work to Rule
Demanding old pension scheme along with their 47-point demands, the railway employees are running a Janjagran campaign from November 26 and it will continue till December 30. The railway employees organizations have sought the fulfilment of their demands, while making an appeal for work-to-rule from December 11. Following the positive attitude of the Railway Board, they will chalk their strategy afresh whether they should continue the movement under the work-to-rule or postpone it. It will be decided in the Standing Committee meeting of the All India Railway Men's Federation.  Image source: Reuters


Railway employees' hunger strike
Northern Railway Workers Union had announced a relay hunger strike between December 03 and 10 while putting forth the demands under the 7th Pay Commission. The employees are staging the strike at the Delhi Divisional Railway Manager's office, demanding immediate hike in minimum wage to Rs 26,000 under the 7th Pay Commission along with increasing Fitment formula from 2.57 to 3.7. They are also putting a pressure for continuation of old pension scheme. Image source: Reuters