7th pay commission: Silver lining in clouds appears for central government employees demands rising

ZeeBiz WebTeam | Nov 21, 2018, 10:10 AM IST

7th pay commission: Over the last few weeks a number of things have come to the fore that should make central government employees feel good about the chances of their salary demands being cleared by the Centre. Central government employees continue to wait to get their pay-related issues resolved. However, the employees might get some good news soon enough. As per reports, the Modi government has already started its planning to give enhanced salaries to the central government staff. 


The central staffs have been getting the pay as per the recommendation so the 7th pay commission. However, they have demanded a hike as per the fitment factor of 3.68 times which will set the minimum basic salary at Rs 26,000. The demand has been under the government's consideration for a long time now. Image source: PTI


7th pay commission: Rupee and Oil
The falling crude oil prices and strengthening rupee will certainly boost the government's coffers. While the low crude oil prices will result in higher earnings from the excise duties, a strong rupee will act as a booster for the government. The extra money earned can be used to announce a pay hike gift for the central government employees under the revised fitment factor of 7th pay commission. Image source: PTI



7th pay commission: Foreign Investors
The market experts believe that there are positive sentiments for India among foreign investors. The foreign investment has registered a significant growth last month. The increased foreign investment may help the government get massive amounts of funds. Image source: PTI


7th pay commission: Financial Crunch
So far, the government has ignored the demands of the central government employees due to the tight financial conditions. Now the government has improved its finances a bit and this may give it the leeway to deal with various demands from many lobbies for a number of pending issues, including for 7th pay commission salary hikes. Image source: Reuters


7th pay commission: Central government employees to benefit
Finance ministry sources are saying that a a government with a comfortable enough financial position may move fast to provide benefit to the employees. Image source: PTI


7th pay commission: 2019 General Election
The government may increase the basic pay and announce a revised fitment factor before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. PM Modi may himself make the announcement if everything goes according to plan. The central government employees and pensioners are 11 million strong. The government cannot afford to ignore a large voter base like this. It's expected that the government may take a decision on the pay hike soon. However, the extent of the increase in the salaries is still not known. Image source: PTI