7th Pay Commission: Chances of hike in salary for central government employees get a boost

May 01, 2018, 10:16 AM IST

7th Pay Commission: No chance of central government employees' salaries getting hiked as per raised fitment factor? Well, things may just have changed enough to make authorities think again. 


7th Pay Commission salary hike with fitment factor of 2.57 is not acceptable to central government employees. They want 3.68 times, but all governemnts, at Centre and states, are worried over the massive outgo as the revenues condition is tight as was made clear by Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Jammu and Kashmir. 


Significantly, 7th Pay Commission fitment factor hike is hanging in mid-air despite the fact that a central minister has said in Parliament that the issue was not on the government's agenda at all. But the issue is not over yet, as was clear from he J&K govt clearing the 7th CPC payments.



However, on the 7th Pay Commission side, there is finally some good news. Official data is showing one amazing fact that was revealed by EPFO. It showed that jobs creation was humming along nicely and that is possible only in a growing economy. EPFO said that 3.11 million people joined the social security fund over the last six months, during the September 2017 to February 2018 period. The economy is working well and it will lead to greater revenues for the exchequer. 


This should give government food for thought on the 7th Pay Commission issue and make it consider central government employees' demands of a salary hike based on a fitment factor of 3.68 times. 


So, with jobs creation happening, and electoons on the horizon, chances of a positive 7th Pay Commission fitment factor related decision getting announced have improved considerably.