7th pay commission: Central government employees pay hike issue gets this big boost

Aug 06, 2018, 09:38 AM IST

7th pay commission: Central government employees have been waiting for years to get their demands of a pay hike to be accepted by the Centre. While they may have been waiting in vain for so long, a number of things have happened that may well point to the fact that their salaries are likely to be be increased in the near future. The reason are a number of happenings over the last few days.


7th pay commission: In the first instance, BJP ruled Haryana has hiked the salaries of teaching and non-teaching employees in its universities and colleges. This will have a big impact on the treasury as the outgo is heavy. While announcing the good news for those concerned, Capt Abhimanyu, who is a minister in CM ML Khatter's regime said that the move will cost the Haryana state exchequer an additional expenditure of Rs 230.6 crore annually. Image source: PTI


7th Pay Commission: Not just that, the BJP led government on Maharashtra has announced some good news for its employees. CM Devendra Fadnavis has ordered the implementation of the 7th CPC salary hike as well as pay arrears for 3 years to state government employees. The pay will be hiked with retrospective effect from January, 2016. The move will cost Maharashtra state exchequer Rs 21,500 crore. Image source: PTI


7th pay commission: In Bihar, the JDU government, which is being kept in power by the BJP, too has made a major announcement. The CM Nitish Kumar led alliance said that state university and college staff would soon get salaries and perks as per the 7th Pay Commission report recommendations. Image source: PTI


7th Pay Commission: Earlier, it was reported that another BJP ruled state, Uttar Pradesh, under chief ministership pf Yogi Adityanath, would be providing its employees salaries as per the higher pay scales as recommended by 7th CPC. Image source: PTI


7th pay commission: Tellingly, general elections 2019 are near and the bureaucracy is massive, consisting of tens of millions of personnel. Having this sulking mass at voting time would be counter productive. The biggest grouping is of course of the central government employees and they are looking for a hike, from PM Narendra Modi led government, in fitment factor to 3.68 times from the current 2.57 times with minimum pay rising to Rs 26,000. Image source: Reuters