7th pay commission allowances: How Central government revised, updated rules for employees

Jun 29, 2018, 05:55 PM IST

7th pay commission allowances: The Central government has made several changes taking into consideration the recommendations of seventh pay commission, but in the reference to travelling allowance it has continued some rules formulated earlier. It however revised other previous rules related to transport allowance, uniform related allowance, conveyance allowance and provisioned special duty allowance.


The Central government revised its travelling allowance rules as per the recommendations of the 7th pay commission and clarified admissibility of Daily Allowance (DA) if govt employee avails free boarding and lodging. This was in in February 2018. The 6th CPC itself had changed the older concept of daily allowance by introducing reimbursement of Hotel Accommodation, Food Bill and Taxi Charges on production of vouchers for the same.  Image source: PTI


The government on August 2, 2017 partially modified its July 7, 2017 order related to the 7th pay commission regarding the grant of transport allowance. As per new norms applicable since July 1, 2017, central employees getting salary of Rs 24,200 and above in pay level 1&2 of pay matrix will be eligible for grant of TA at Rs 3600/ plus DA. Image source: PTI


In its August 2, 2017 notification, the government as per 7th pay commission recommendations modified the earlier uniform related allowance and subsumed them into one as Dress Allowance, which will credited to the salary of employee directly once a year in the month of July. The rate of Dress Allowance will go up by 25 pct each time DA rises by 50 pct. Image source: IANS


After accepting the 7th pay commission recommendation, the government on July 19, 2017, through a circular, decided to revise the fixed conveyance allowance admissible under SR-25 to central government employees. It stated that these rates will be automatically increase by 25 pct whenever the DA payable on the revised pay structure goes up by 50 pct. Image source: PTI 



For central government employees working in the North Eastern region and Ladakh, the government in a notification on July 18, 2017 decided to pay special duty allowance at the rate 10 pct of basic pay. The term basic pay means the pay drawn in the prescribed levels in the pay matrix but does not include any other type of pay like special pay, etc. Image source: Zee News