7th pay Commission: Is good news coming? Here is what Central government employees must focus on now

Jul 30, 2018, 03:27 PM IST

7th pay Commission: Good news for central government employees are coming in fast and furious except the one that they are really looking forward to the most!  with the government treasury in comfort zone, Centre is facing a situation, with general election 2019 approaching fast, of having to dole out sop after sop to many segments of society including the farmers. Government staff too is on that list. The things that Centre has to really pay attention to is that whatever sop it gives, it does not drive inflation higher, leave the treasury depleted, antagonise other sections of employees in the country, or hurt the economy and also actually help provide government services to the needy quickly and efficiently. 



7th pay Commission: The latest  good news for central government employees does not span their most important demand, which is that pay be hiked by a fitment factor formula in excess of the 2.57 times recommended by the report itself, but by a higher margin of 3.68 times that would increase the pay at the lowest level to Rs 26,000. To findout about the latest sop that is on the Centre's table for some 48.41 lakh central government employees, read on: Image source: Reuters    



7th pay commission: The latest news is that the central government employees may soon be able to go abroad on Leave Travel Concession (LTC). The plan by the Centre proposes to include five central Asian countries under the LTC scheme, officials have revealed. LTC grants leave and ticket refund to central government employees. Image source: Reuters


7th pay Commission: Besides DA, government provides house rent, transport, location and function specific allowances other than Leave Travel Allowance (LTA) which, along with the basic pay, constitute the gross pay of a government employee. The 7th CPC report retained and rationalized Leave Travel Concession (LTC). However, foreign travel was not part of the ambit of the panel. Image source: PTI 



7th pay commission: The Personnel Ministry has finalised a proposal and has asked for comments from Home, Tourism, Civil Aviation and Expenditure departments for grant of LTC. Highlighting the urgency, the ministry said it expects them to respond "at the earliest possible". Image source: PTI


7th pay commission: Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has mooted the plan and it is proposing to include 5 central Asian countries -- Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan -- under the LTC scheme. Image source: PTI


7th pay commission: There is a strategic purpose of projecting India's soft power in these countries at stake even as central government employees can go and enjoy some much needed rest and recuperation there. However, in an interesting aside, Centre had shot down a proposal earlier to allow LTC for staff that spanned SAARC countries. Image source: PTI