5 common mistakes to avoid in a 5 Star hotel

May 01, 2018, 04:32 PM IST

The grandeur of a five-star hotel can be daunting and how one must behave at such posh properties has often flummoxed many a visitor. Etiquette expert William Hanson has come to rescue in a list to Mailonline that tells you the dos and don’ts when you’re in for a luxurious stay. Even if you haven’t seen such ornamental interiors and the beauty takes your breath away, don’t let it show. William says that allowing your jaws to drop in awe is a dead giveaway that you’re out of place there, which other guests and the staff will notice.



1. There’s a difference between being friendly and becoming friends. Employees of the hotel will be super polite but don’t take that as a cue to make a new chum. Don’t get overfamiliar with them.



2.Of course, a plush place is where the rich and the famous go! If you spot one, resist the temptation to say hey. Let them enjoy their downtime undisturbed.


3.Another question that leaves many confused — should one tip or not! While top line hotels usually take good care of their staff, if you wish to, leave a tip in an envelope and mark it to housekeeping.


4.Even if you are possessive of your stuff, William says that it’s not a pleasant sight to see guests lugging their own bags or suitcases. Leave it to the staff.


5.These are the days of sharing photos on social media, but don’t go crazy taking selfies or images. It often annoys other guests. William also advises against asking for an upgrade of room using your anniversary or birthday as a reason. Also, don’t hem and haw over your room category while booking — they’re not too different from one another. With these tips, you will be at home in the lap of luxury!