New investing trend grabs imaginations in India! Investors bet big money on it

ZeeBiz WebTeam | Dec 04, 2018, 12:50 PM IST

Non-financial data is turning key for investors, shows a recent trend and investors are actually putting it to use by betting their money on it. Besides this, finance teams need to manage this information with same rigour and assurance as financial information, said an EY survey. Finance leaders can use digital tools to look for underlying patterns in data and leverage smart analytics to predict scenarios and improve outcomes Sandip Khetan, national leader and partner, FAAS, EY India.


76% - Finance leaders in India indicate that a lot of non-financial information is being used in investors decision-making. Image Source: Reuters


72%- financial leaders globally indicate non-financial information being used in investors decision-making. Image Source: Reuters


64% - say transparency in reporting was a key driver to gain investors trust. Image Source: Reuters


58% - finance leaders globally feel transparency key to gain investor trust. Image Source: Reuters


93% - respondents identify that artificial intelligence skills are most vital. Image Source: IANS


83% - Finance leaders here say resistance and cultural difference within teams are barriers to digital innovation. Image Source: IANS