Hyperloop ticket cost in India: The Virgin Hyperloop One ride may cost you less than $150

May 16, 2018, 07:29 PM IST

Hyperloop ticket cost in India: If Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, has his way in India, travel through Hyperloop would be cheaper than a flight ticket. The futuristic transportation company, Virgin Hyperloop One, backed by the British business magnate, wants to build a network of high-speed pods that can carry people and cargo across the country. The company is looking to price the ride at less than what airlines charge in a market where air travel is growing at the fastest pace in the world, said a Bloomberg report. Here is what you need to know: Photo: Reuters


1. In February 2018, Richard Branson signed a preliminary agreement in Mumbai, and mooted a Mumbai-Pune system that would shrink travel time to 25 minutes and save about three hours. Photo: Reuters


2. The first commercial hyperloop between Mumbai and Pune is targeted to roll by 2025, two years after India aims to complete its maiden bullet train project linking Mumbai and Ahmedabad. Photo: Reuters


3. The Los Angeles-based Virgin Hyperloop One has been working on a technology that uses magnetic levitation and low-pressure tubes to achieve airplane-like speeds. Photo: Reuters


4. British tycoon Richard Branson has been pitching this Virgin Hyperloop One concept to Indian authorities as a fix for the country’s infrastructure bottlenecks. Photo: Reuters


5. The company, Virgin Hyperloop One, has been testing in Nevada with speeds reaching 240 miles an hour, and is planning three production systems in service by 2021, according to its website. Photo: Reuters