Fear of flying? Here is reason you will feel safer now

May 17, 2018, 02:32 PM IST

After a huge controversy erupted over the issue, aviation regulator DGCA proposed a new set of norms that would ensure endangering flight safety did not happen in future. This follows a Delhi High Court order on May 4 that granted eight weeks to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to finalise flight duty and rest hours for cabin crew and even pilots. The deadline to upload the draft civil aviation requirement (CAR) on flight and duty time limitations (FDTL) on its website was to expire today. 


1. The proposed norms list the rest hours for cabin crew members, and prohibit airlines from deploying fatigued staff. Photo: Reuters


2. Cabin crew can at most have a maximum 22 hours of duty time operating an ultra-long haul flight (over 16 hours or more). 36 hours rest must be provided in case of the flight crossing eight times zones. Photo: Reuters


3. The minimum rest which must be provided before undertaking a flight duty period will be at least as long as the preceding duty period or 11 hours or 14 hours for crossing three time zones up to eight time zone or 36 hours for crossing eight time zones or whichever is greater. Photo: Reuters


4. The trip to and from an airport will neither be counted towards duty time nor rest period. Photo: Reuters


5. An operator will ensure that the minimum weekly rest of continuous 36 hours, including two local nights, is provided in a manner that there will not be more than 168 hours between the end of one weekly rest period and the start of the next. Photo: Reuters